Find a Way to Go After Higgs in Death Stranding

In Death Stranding, we need to find Higgs and then follow him to the beach. Here in this guide, we will discuss how you can go after Higgs which would happen around Episode 8 after you have a big fight with a large BT, where Higgs will escape with Amelie.

Death Stranding, on the whole, is a pretty easy game. Most of the objectives in which you have to follow orders and deliver stuff on a path that is usually mapped out and you can easily progress in the story.

When you get around episode 8, the game will only give you basic clues and it would be your job to piece them together and find your way. Finding Higgs is one of those tasks.

Go After Higgs in Death Stranding

In comparison with the other objective whose solutions you had to figure out yourselves, this one is much easier. It involves long travel and a big surprise, you just have to go back to your Private Room.

This is how it goes:

  • Go to any place that has a “Private Room”.
  • Interact with Fragile’s Umbrella which is the fast travel icon when you get there.
  • After that Fragile will appear and you will be able to progress further.

As you are left without a waypoint and up until now your path was always marked out for you so this would be a first for you.

As you have to follow Higgs to the beach. He has taken Amelie and disappeared between the void that is between the world living and the dead.

It is already mentioned above how you can track him but this is how it will work.

You are already familiar with Fragile’s ability to teleport but another thing to remember is what is she told you during the story, which was that she has to temporarily teleport herself to the beach and from there she can teleport to any place she desires.

When you complete half the storyline you would be able to unlock this ability as well and this is Death Strading’s way of fast traveling.

Now do as it is mentioned above i.e. go to the private room and fast travel. When you do a cutscene will play and you will head off to confront Higgs which would be very cool.

This is all there to finding Higgs in Death Stranding. For more guides visit our site. Have fun finding Higgs.