Death Stranding Higgs Boss Fight Guide

As you approach the end of Episode 9, you will see yourself having a fight with someone who has been portrayed as the main enemy of the game; Higgs. The Death Stranding guide will detail you on every move Higgs will try to defeat you with, and help you in effectively dealing with the boss fight.

Death Stranding Higgs Boss Fight

Once you arrive at the delivery terminal of Edge Knot City, the boss fight will start. From here on out, you will face two phases of Higgs. The first phase involves a fight with Higgs along with a dangerous BT, while the second phase is relatively calmer with a very humane and classical fight between Sam and Higgs.

First Phase
The first phase introduces you Higgs inside a BT, you will have to hit Higgs hiding in his shell, and try to damage him inside.

Shoot whatever you got at Higgs, anything you got, deal as much damage as you can.  Keep an eye out for blood bags spread around the battlefield, so you can use Hematic Rounds to deal with the BT.

You will see various blood bags being thrown by ghosts of other players, quickly equip them to your utility pouch.

The BT will keep proceeding towards you, keep dealing damage until Higgs transfers from the chest to the shoulder, and then proceed to do the same; bombard the heck out of him.

Keep an eye out for vines from the BT’s arms, when he does this, run away, or you can just shoot them as they are approaching you; or simply shoot them after they have missed hitting you.

You will now be moved to the beach with Higgs out of his BT.

Second Phase
The Second Phase is a showdown between you and Higgs, in human form. You both will be on the beach, however with the odds in favor of Higgs; as he will have his arsenal (Assault Rifle and Grenades), while you are left with a strand.

Do not bother going up to him and just punching the hell out of him, this will not do anything. Simply sneak up behind on Higgs and use your left and right triggers to attempt to bind him up.

Once Higgs is pinned to the ground, kick him by pressing SQUARE. Tap quickly to get the maximum amount of damage in. Use the various carcasses spread around the beach to get cover from Higgs’ firepower.

Use your last known position to your advantage, although if you remain out of sight for 10 seconds, he will use his scanner and spot you instantly.

An alternative method to tying Higgs up is, as he throws a grenade towards you, quickly sprint to him and bind him up as he’s throwing the grenade.

Bind Higgs twice, and you should be done with the boss fight. Stay in cover, keep your distance when needed, and you should be able to take down Higgs pretty easily