Almost 14 Years After Its Debut, The Xbox 360 Receives New Update

Although its official premiere was almost 14 years ago, and they discontinued it in 2016, the Xbox 360 cannot be considered as abandoned hardware. This is because it still has several services and still receives updates. In fact, Microsoft released a new update for this console.

Through a support page, Microsoft announced that on November 12 it released version 2.0.17559.0 of the operating system of the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, it does not give much information about the changes you should expect, since it only indicates that it arrived to fix “minor bugs” and make other improvements.

Major Nelson made the following statement on Twitter.

Xbox 360 users, we released a system update to address some minor bug fixes and improvements.

Keep in mind that this is not the first update that Xbox 360 receives this year. On August 21, 2019, the seventh generation console received a new update. Prior to this, it obtained an update that arrived on May 22, 2018. So, it is clear that Microsoft’s plan is to support its console. We will see if this means that in the future we will see another update or if today’s is the last one.

In other news, the expectation for the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett was followed from different sectors, because the success or failure they will have in the market will have an impact on the business of those who have participated in its development in the field of hardware.

In the case of AMD, the company in charge of the processors and architecture of the new PlayStation and Xbox, the future perspective is very positive. During the recent AMD financial report, Lisa Su, the company’s CEO, spoke about the expectation they have regarding the launch of PS5 and Project Scarlett and the impact it will have on their businesses.

The console business is a great business for us. We’re very happy to be in the next-generation Sony and Microsoft consoles for 2020. We’re going through a product transition at the moment. Most of the energies have turned to the new consoles. But our expectation is that as this generation ramps down, we’ll have a strong ramp to the next generation, particularly as we go into the second half of 2020.

On the other hand, Lisa Su said that her hardware business for video games is not only designed for consoles and PCs, since they include data centers and an important approach in the mobile gaming sector thanks to its relationship with Samsung.

The way to think about it, we want Radeon graphics to be everywhere. Everywhere means in the datacenter, in gaming, in PCs, in consoles, as well as in mobile. Samsung, as our partner in graphics — it’s both a licensing opportunity, as well as a development opportunity, where we’re jointly optimizing our Radeon graphics for lower-power applications. Again, it’s one of these areas where having the architecture span across all those product segments is a good thing for developers and a good thing for the architecture.

AMD will have a massive influence on the PS4 and Xbox Project Scarlett. We can’t wait to see how they have implemented their processors with the consoles.