New Playstation Cartridge Patented For Unknown Console

A new Playstation cartridge has apparently been patented a short time ago, but it leads to more questions than answers for most. We have no idea of what system the cartridge is for, whether it’s for something pre-existing or something that hasn’t been announced yet by Sony at the moment.

The cartridge might be intended as the way to play games on the Playstation 5, which we haven’t really gotten a reveal event for despite it being common knowledge that the console will be coming in the holiday of 2020. However, until we know for sure there’s no confirmation yet.

The cartridge only has one illustration, which shows a normal, thick, compact cartridge that would likely be inserted into a slot of some kind. While it could be something retro-related, Sony has never used cartridges for home consoles before.

It’s unlikely that they’ll be for the Playstation 5 either, since it’s been confirmed that the console will be able to make use of Blu-ray discs, meaning there’s no reason for a cartridge to be present if the console already has a CD drive to use.

Previously, another leak of this magnitude happened with a supposed new console, which happened to be the developer kit for the Playstation 5. This new Playstation cartridge might be intended to be used with an entirely new console, though what Playstation is making that might involve cartridges is unknown.

The Playstation Vita did use cartridges, but after the Vita’s failure at making a profit, Sony has previously announced that a new handheld console is not in the making, so that also rules out a new handheld console for whatever the cartridge is.

We’ll likely find out sometime in the future exactly what this new Playstation cartridge is intended to go to, but until then, all we can do is speculate.