Detailing Every New Diablo 4 Region

Diablo 4 will launch with five distinct regions, all of whom will be directly connected in more ways than just sharing borders. Each region will feature a different topography, with some featuring more than one. The thematic emphasis has been greater from Blizzard for the highly-awaited sequel and promises to enrich exploration in the contiguous open-world.

The following are the five regions (zones) that players will find in Diablo 4, at least on launch. There are likely more to be added with post-release expansion packs. Do note that there will be over a hundred towns, split between regions, that serve as hubs where players can meet and interact with others for trade or to form groups in Diablo 4. The social aspect is something that Blizzard has been equally prioritizing and will help enhance player-experience.


Scosglen is home to the Druids in Diablo 4. The region is almost fully covered with an emerald forest that houses an untamed wilderness. Scosglen has been taken hold by savage nature and those who get lost in its foggy woods are cursed to never return. Werewolves and the Drowned lie await in the forests and along the shores for anyone foolish enough to cross paths.

In the past, Scosglen served as a battleground between the Druids and the minions of Baal. The land was soaked in blood and something of importance gave birth: the druids who dwell here will do anything to protect their way of life, even if it means risking their own humanity to unleash the beast within.

Dry Steppes

The Dry Steppes lie south of Scosglen in Diablo 4. The region has been ravaged by war for centuries, resulting in numerous ruins scattered across the canyons and grasslands. Hope abandoned this harsh and rugged wilderness long ago and only the most ruthless and desperate have made their homes here.

Many of the locals, ranging from mercenaries to barbarians, have also given into the darkness to become cannibalistic blood mages. They are cursed beings, as would anyone be after gaining demonic favors.

Fractured Peaks

The Fractured Peaks lie south of Scosglen and east of the Dry Steppes in Diablo 4. The region is full of rocky and mountainous terrains that are almost permanently blanketed by heavy snow. Due to the frozen landscape, only the most devout monks find themselves venturing into the Fractured Peaks.

However, death comes in more forms than just the frigid climate. The dark ruins and ancient cathedrals house all sorts of horror beneath the crags. Only the most ignorant or brave would dare step foot into the Fractured Peaks.


Hawezar lies south of the Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4. The region is almost drowning in a poisonous swampland that brews disease and despair. Only those who have given up on life or want to be forgotten make their way into Hawezar.

Witches have made their home here over the centuries to pursue dark magic and gain demonic favors. They worship massive snakes and have allied themselves with numerous treacherous things that creep through the mire.


Kehjistan lies south of the Dry Steppes in Diablo 4. The region, once hailed as the great Eastern Empire, has lost much of its lands over the centuries but still encompasses almost one-third of the eastern hemisphere.

Unlike the other regions, Kehjistan is split into different topographies, with jungles to the south and deserts to the north. The southern jungle area made an appearance in Diablo 2, while the northern desert area was there in Diablo 3.

Countless wars have left many scars on Kehjistan. The sands beneath now serve as burial tombs for a lot of history from the extensive lore, some of which will surface in Diablo 4. Those who choose to live here or pass through as merchants do so in fear. Evil has always found its way into Kehjistan and cultists in the shadows have already begun giving their allegiance to Lilith.

There’s a lot that remains unknown about Diablo 4. Outside of the cinematic trailer and gameplay footage, there’s not much to go on right now. Blizzard might even take months before opening the information floodgates. What little details have been scraped together can be browsed here.

Diablo 4 has no release date, but has been confirmed to be in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s a strong speculation that Diablo 4 won’t release before 2021, meaning that Blizzard will probably be eying a release on the next-generation consoles as well.

Make sure to check out the official website for all of the released footage and trailers, as well as tid bits on the game itself.