What is What in Death Stranding?

Like every other Hideo Kojima game, Death Stranding is filled with words and terminology you have probably never heard of and even after hearing them you remain confused. Well don’t worry as in this guide, we will explain all the terms used in Death Stranding and what they mean.

Death Stranding Terms Explained

In this guide, we’ll help you understand the terminology used in Death Stranding, in alphabetic order.

Homo Demens are dangerous Terrorists in Death Stranding, they have made Sam’s Sister captive in Edge Knot City. The only way she can interact with her brother is via hologram.

Amerigo Vespucci
The real founder of America according to Amelie is Amerigo Vespucci and not Christopher Columbus. Therefore, “Amerigo”; which is her real name, was named after it.

Autotoxemic Attacks
Your Bridge Baby deals with shock due to high levels of stress, and in order to decrease the level of stress, you can calm down your Bridge Baby or you can synchronize it to its Still-mother.

Bridge Baby plays a very important role in protecting you from the BTs roaming around which can easily walk into your path and kill you. The BB comes from the womb of a braindead woman known as “Still-mother” at 28 weeks old.

Beach / Beaches
Beach means Afterlife, which deals with the life of people or a group after their death. Beaches are not necessarily shaped the same because the soul of every person is different. Sam; who is our protagonist, can enter the afterlife and return. Just keep in mind that several people can end up in the same beach if they die at the same moment.

Beached means to end up at the afterlife (beach) after dying.

Bridges is an agency controlled directly by the government, whose main aim is to reconnect America and spread the sense of hope and trade digital information. Sam Porter Bridges joins them in Episode 1.

Bridget is the mother of Sam and Amelie and the first-ever Female President of America (well, in the game obviously).

Beached Things are a part of the afterlife, they are linked with the other side via umbilical cords, and to send them back to the afterlife, a cord cutter is required which is unlocked in Episode 5. They can only hear the movement of a human and when they do, they drag him to the Catcher. These creatures appear during timefall (rain)

Capital Knot City
When you initially arrive in the game, you’ll see the main hub city called Capital Knot City in the east coast of the USA; previously called Washington D.C.

Catchers are the boss of BTs; they are a larger version of the BTs that you encounter in the game. Mostly, they take the form of an animal. Their background and upbringing are unknown, the only thing known about them is that they can be controlled by Higgs due to them possessing supernatural abilities.

Chiral Density
When Chiral Density is at the peak then it leads to a Chiral Spike.

Chiral KNOT
A standard KNOT that has been linked with the Chiral Network of the UCA is known as a Chiral KNOT

Chiral Network
An internet Network spreads all around America. Sam is given the task to rebuild it by using his Q-pid on the facility’s terminal to reconnect it to the Chiral Network.

Chiral Printer
Chiral Printer is a printer that enables you to prints items, weapons and Equipements in 3D. This printer is unlocked once you complete the Story Order No. 7 for “Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City”.

Chiral Spike
Chiral Spike is caused by the sudden change in the atmosphere of the Chiral Density, which leaves you in the center of two different spacetimes.

Chiral Storm
Chiral Storm is caused by Chiral Spike which leaves you in between distinctive spacetimes

Chiral Web
Chiral Web is the alternate internet name for Chiral Network / UCA Network.

Chiraliums are drawn out from the Chiral Crystals, found in the areas where the BTs have visited. These can help you craft and also power up the carriers. Sam uses it to link the facilities to the UCA network.

Clifford Unger
Clifford Unger is a former soldier who appears in flashbacks.

These are used as food supplies for humans. These small flying worms are the beloved meal for the teleportation girl “Fragile”.

Deadman is a former coroner who treats and takes care of BB. You’ll encounter him at the beginning of Episode 1.

Death Stranding
Death Stranding is an event of major extinction. Previously there have been five mass extinction, which caused the all of the humanity to be terminated and the rise of new species began from the ashes called the Trilobites, Ammonites, Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and the Iceman.

According to Heartman, a sixth extinction event will take place soon which will kill all humanity at once.  The death stranding is based upon the Extinction Entity, and the Extinction Entities are linked via umbilical cords to beaches, through which they can bring out the Death Stranding.

Die-Hardman whose real name is John, is the director of United Cities of America, he wears a black mask, a vest and a tie. You’ll encounter him in Episode 1.

DOOMs are supernatural powers that allow the user to control BTs, beaches in both real world and afterlife. The strength of the DOOM depends upon the persons DOOM level. Sam has a level 2 DOOM therefore he can feel the presence of the BTs but can’t see them, for which he needs a BB. Fragile has a higher level of DOOM so she teleports. Higgs has the highest DOOM level and can control, manipulate the BTs easily.

Doll (Baby Doll)
The Baby Doll is carried by Higgs and Unger, it links them to Amelie and her Beach in order to freely travel. It was featured in the game’s trailer and can be seen throughout the game.

Dreamcatcher is an item given to young Sam by Amelie to make him less scared while in pitch blackness all alone.

Fragile owns Fragile Express and you’ll initially encounter her inside a cave. After that you’ll meet her more often. She also has DOOM levels just like SAM but a higher level as compared to him.

Fragile Express
A company owned by Fragile.

Going Necro
Going Necro happens when the dead bodies are about to explode as they enter necrosis. These bodies are kept away from the city and refrigerated. If not then they can cause a Voidout; a massive blast causing everyone to die. It takes 20-48 hours for a dead body to explode.

Grams / Chiralgrams
Chiralgrams are the Holograms that are made from regional data. This data is required to be kept on-site till the Chiral Network is back on track, thankfully this duty is given to Sam who will restore the network and large amount of data can be transmitted.

Ha means “Body” in Death Stranding.

Heartman or popularly known as the “beach scientist” is a Scientist NPC whose heart beats stops functioning every 21 minutes and he visits the beach for 3 minutes and self-revives with the help of a medical chair. You’ll encounter him at Hartmann’s Lab during episode 8. For medical and research purpose he dies 60 times in the game.

Higgs is the antagonist in Death Stranding and the head of Homo Demens. He possesses the highest level of DOOM through which he can teleport and manipulate BTs and Timefall.

Homo Demens
Homo Demes are the slaves of Higgs. This terrorist group runs the Edge Knot City, and currently have made Amelie captive.

Ka means Soul in Death Stranding.

KNOTs are a type of terminals made by Amelie’s companions in cities and towns. Once you one, you must connect your silver Necklace to, in order to bring chiral communications online.

Lisa Bridges
She used to be Clifford Unger’s wife.

Lockne is a software engineer who designed the software used in Q-Pids and the Chiral Network. She is the sister if Maligen; also known as Mama. You’ll encounter her in Episode 5.

Louise or Lou is the Baby Sam carries with him.

Mama or “Maligen” is a hardware engineer who programs delivery bots. You’ll meet her in Episode 5. Maligen is called the Mama because he carries a BT baby with her.  She is joined with a dead baby who died after an accident.

Micanga is Sam’s Bracelet which links him with Fragile and enables her to jump, teleport to Sam.

MULEs are the Cargo thief’s in Death Stranding. They steal Cargos from delivery boys and put all the stolen cargo in MULE camp; where they live. You are not supposed to kill them because they can cause a voidout.

Odradek is a machine used as a Cargo scanner which can be used by Sam to Scan nearby BTs while connected to a BB. To indicate the nearby danger, it blinks rapidly. Adversaries also possess this machine but due to not having a BB, they can only the Sense the proximity to BTs.

PCC is a pre-loaded equipment which enables Sam to build Postboxes, Watchtowers, Generators, Ziplines, Shelters, Bridges.

Porter / Porters
A delivery man is often referred to as a Porter, Sam is one of them. You can see on his shirt; he’s continuously calls himself a Porter.

Q-Pid is a Silver-plated necklace extracted from Chiralium, having all the information about the security and operation protocols required to link a terminal to chiral web. Sam wears this necklace.

Quipu is a gold-plated necklace made for Amelie, given to her at the beach by a young Sam.

Repatriate is phenomenon in which the soul of a person returns to its body and the person comes back to life, Sam is a Repatriate.

Sam Porter Bridges
Sam Porter Bridge is the protagonist in Death Stranding. He is a delivery man. Since his childhood he was raised by President Bridget. Sam is his first name; Porter is his job and Bridges associates him with government agency

A stillmother is the mother of a BB who is braindead. A BB is taken out from her womb at 28 weeks old. These mothers are maintained in Capital Knot City. These still mothers are used to lower the stress levels of the BBs.

Strand is a link between a person which can be used for an Extinction Entity’s umbilical cord.

Strand Field
Strand field is a type of multiverse of various beaches, created when several people die at the same time.

Stranded means to be stuck somewhere without knowing where to go and how to return home.

Stranding means when dead bodies of sea animals are being wiped on shore.

Temporal Phenomena
Temporal Phenomena is the alternate name of Chirol Spike

The Last Stranding
The Last Stranding is the end of the world, as it’s a mass extinction of humanity caused by Extinction Entity or EE.

Timefall is rain in Death Stranding, it’s a very dangerous rain as it damages all the cargo and other equipment, and can burn the human skin, therefore, cover up your body when it rains. This rain fast forwards the timeline of anything it comes in contact with. Mostly its used as an indication that the BTs are about to arrive.

UCA Network
UCA means United Cities of America Network, it’s a facility that is friendly to you according to Bridges members.

In Death Stranding, a Voidout is a blast caused by dead bodies, which demolishes everything that is near it. When a certain individual die, his body explodes after 24-48 hours if the body is not incinerated. Due to this reason people stay underground.

Zero Time Massive Data Transmission
zero-time data transmission is an initiation with the UCA network that Sam makes via linking his Q-pid with a Chiral KNOT, it permits Sam to enable further KNOTs and then reconnect the Chiral Network.

This was the encyclopedia for every terminology used in Death Stranding.