Death Stranding Power Skeleton Locations and Upgrades Guide

A huge chunk of Death Stranding’s gameplay is carrying cargo from one place to another. In the early game, this task will be very frustrating since you can barely carry 100KG on you. However, once you acquire the Power Skeleton, this painful job will be made significantly easier. This guide will show you how to acquire the Power Skeleton and how to upgrade it in Death Stranding.

Death Stranding Power Skeleton

The Power Skeleton is actually pretty easy to get. When playing through the campaign of the game, you will eventually have to head to the large Central Region map. Here, you will be given a quest to link multiple preppers to the Chiral Network.

One of these preppers is known as ‘The Engineer’. Head to the south of Lake Knot City to find him. Once The Engineer is linked to the Chiral Network, he will reward you with the Power Skeleton, which will be at level 1. After you get it, remember to fabricate it and equip it in the cargo menu.

How To Upgrade The Power Skeleton
Now that you know how to acquire the Power Skeleton, let’s talk about how you can upgrade it. It can be upgraded from level 1 to 3, with each level improving its weight carrying capacity and power usage. It is very important to upgrade it, as you will be using it for the rest of the game.

To get the schematics required to upgrade the Power Skeleton, your relationship with The Engineer will have to be improved. This can be done searching in the wild for the Lost Cargo addressed to him, and then completing Standard Orders for him from many other locations.

To unlock level 2 of the Power Skeleton, you have to get to 3 stars with The Engineer, and then 4 stars for level 3. In total, this will probably take you seven deliveries.

At level 3, the Power Skelton will allow you to carry 300KG at a time. This will make a lot of the quests in the game very easy for you

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