Development of New Rare Game is Accelerating

A new Rare project is apparently in the works, according to a recent job opening on the studio’s official website. While we don’t know what the game is about yet, the fact that a new Rare game is in the making is good news for anyone wanting more from the studio.

Also, since we don’t have any official announcement on the new Rare game, the new project most definitely is for Xbox Scarlett.

For the past few years, Rare has mainly been focused on Sea of Thieves, their multiplayer pirate game that despite getting mixed reviews on launch due to a dearth of content has since been improved by a number of different updates and DLCs.

However, it seems that through the announcement of the new Rare project that Rare is ready to move on from Sea of Thieves. While we don’t know much about the game, we do know a few things. The game will have weapons and monsters, will be a Triple-A game, and will be made using either CryEngine, Unreal Engine 4, or Unity.

Some people have speculated that it might mean the return of Viva Piñata, one of Rare’s classics where players took on the role of creating a farm for piñatas, but considering what we know of the description, that doesn’t seem entirely accurate.

It’s also possible that the game is only one of multiple different projects that Rare is working on at the same time, so there’s a possibility that there may in fact be a new Viva Piñata game. Rare has only recently begun to reclaim the glory it used to have, and more games could be a promising start.

Rare is known for being the original creators of a variety of platforming classics like Donkey Kong and Banjo-Kazooie, but fell on hard times years ago after a string of critical and commercial failures. Its entire catalogue of games over its 30 year existence can be found in its Rare Replay compilation.

Whatever the new Rare project turns out to be, however, hopefully it will be even better than Sea of Thieves.