Destiny 2 Hotfix Fixes Izanagi’s Burden, Perks, Rewards, Power

A new Destiny 2 hotfix has come out to fix a few of the smaller bugs that have cropped up in the aftermath of one of the previous Destiny updates. The hotfix mainly focuses around one Exotic weapon, Izanagi’s Burden, along with a few things related to Power progression, various perks, and more.

The Izanagi’s Burden is an Exotic Sniper Rifle that players have been able to get as part of the Black Armory’s catalogue ever since that season. The hotfix will be fixing an issue that causes Forge Keys to not count towards the weapon’s questline. An issue involving the Obsidian Crystal not giving quest progression has also been fixed.

If you were flummoxed with the Forge Keys issue, you should now find the objective properly marked. However, the Obsidian Crystal objective will require you to get another Black Armory bounty to re-earn it.

The Destiny 2 hotfix also adjusted Power progression, allowing players gaining 2 more points of Power instead of just the 1 point that they were given previously. Along with that, the hotfix has also fixed the “Ashes to Assets” perk, which previously granted Super energy at an unintended level.

When it comes to rewards in the hotfix, the two seasonal weapons Pluperfect and Temporal Clause now both have a chance to drop from the Vex Offensive activity whenever you do it. The Weekly Eris challenge should now also drop a powerful reward for you.

While the Destiny 2 hotfix doesn’t fix all that much, it still helps to get rid of a few annoying issues that would have otherwise kept players from getting some of the more powerful weapons in the game, something that any player can sympathize with.

Destiny 2 is currently in the middle of its Festival of the Lost event, and is also hosting the Iron Banner until the next weekly reset, so to get new armor and weapons and plenty of candy, you should play it as much as you can.