Death Stranding Tips

Death Stranding is an action game developed by Kojima Productions. Here are some beginner tips for Death Stranding, helping you get to get a basic idea about the Story, Multiplayer, Combat, and extra stuff as you navigate Sam through a ‘post-apocalyptic’ USA.

Death Stranding Tips and Tricks

The events of Death Stranding take place after a Mass Extinction event which is aptly named “Death Stranding”. The event wipes out most of America’s population, transforms the land and introduce mysterious entities and phenomenon that plague the remaining world.

The story of the game progresses through Orders. You play as Sam Porter Bridges, a delivery man tasked with uniting America after it is divided by the Death Stranding events, fighting both Breached Things (BTs) and Human enemies and reestablishing the Chiral Network between the Cities.

Progress further west by completing story missions, which also gets you more equipment and item to help you progress you through the game.

Completing side missions from Preppers with give players rewards, connection to Chiral Network(Chiral Networks are places in the world of Death Stranding that help players know the lay of the land, revealing worthwhile locations and spots.

You can use the Chiral Network Terminals to interact with the objects left behind by other players), and additional Lore of what happened during the catastrophic event and after it.

You can interact with and guide other players through the “Social Strand System” in their own playthroughs. Players can also leave “Likes” on items, structures, signs and vehicles showing their effectiveness and usefulness in the game.

Helping other players get you likes. Play through Orders and help other players to increase your “Porter Rank” earning all sorts of benefits.

As basic tips for combat, you will be outnumbered in almost EVERY ENCOUNTER, so it’s better to make use of the tools you have at your disposal to scout enemies and get to know their location.

Stealth is an option in the game and can be used to scout and takeout enemy units. This will make it easier to loot and get to the objective. It’s advisable to look for hiding spots and stuff you can use to distract enemies.

When scouting or sneaking, it is better if you drop your cargo at some safe point because it will get you spotted. If you are spotted by enemies or are unable to defend yourself against enemy, it is much better to fall back and retreat to a safer point since survival is your number 1 responsibility.

The BTs are the major enemy in the game and the player should try to avoid them at all costs. When in area of Timefall, tread carefully and make sure to hold your breath to avoid being sucking into the BT’s dimension.

Try to keep your Bridge Baby(BBs are used to detect presence of BTs. They are basically unborn babies in a pod with womb-like environment created to sustain them) calm as they have a fragile countenance and need to be kept believing that they are in the mother’s womb.

If all fails….try lowering the difficulty. Not the choice you want, but the choice you have.

The following weapons are in the Death Stranding universe.

  • Strand: Can be used to bind human enemies from behind and parry attacks at close quarters.
  • Bola Gun: Fires binding wires that temporarily immobilizes targets. Also works on BT
  • Anti-BT Handgun: An anti-BT hematic weapon doused with Sam’s blood samples.
  • Assault Rifle: Multi-purpose assault rifle originally designed before the DS event.
  • BT Handgun
  • EX Grenade: Non-Lethal Anti-BT Weapon.
  • Hematic Grenade: Hand grenade designed for use against BTs.

In the world of Death Stranding, make it a habit to use the map to see and plan routes towards the objective, to avoid difficult terrain while travelling.

Use the Odradek Scanner to read the terrain and plan a safe route by reading the icons. You can use fast travel to get to previously visited locations.

To do so, meet the Fragile first. Then you can fast travel from your Private Room. Vehicles can be used to make the journey quick and safe, however, be cautious as some require batteries. If you get tired during the long long journey, take a quick break at the hot springs.

Remember to ping the items and weapons you come across so you can get them later in the game.

Item Management
Make sure the weigh you are carrying is balanced. Tripping can cause you to fall and damage the items you are carrying. This will lower the completion grade and reduce the reward. Hence, bring only what you need. You can increase the weight limit by using:

  • Power Skeleton
  • Floating Carrier

Remember to charge the items that need battery before you go as once the battery dies out, they become useless. Also, try to craft items you think are necessary.

Sam’s Private Room
Sam’s private rooms act as a central hub. You can store items here, rest and heal and recharge your items if needed. You can also change the equipment and appearance and apply various cosmetic paint jobs on your gear.