Death Stranding Holograms Locations Guide

Holograms can be found as rewards on bridges, generators and delivery stations. You can display even Conan O’ Brien from TeamCoco as one of your holograms. We are going to show you how to unlock these holograms within Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding Holograms

To unlock holograms, complete deliveries to various distribution centers and preppers. This will help to raise your reputation and unlock rewards which include celebrity holograms.  If you are progressing through the story of the game, you will find yourself with a few holograms at your disposal.

Finding rare ones require you to deliver cargo, and leveling up your preppers. Unlocking certain holograms require certain actions, so let us talk about them.

Celebrity Hologram Locations
Finding these holograms, require you to go to their exact location. You will have to walk quite the distance.

Conan O’ Brien – Get the standard delivery mission which mentions The Cosplayer in South Knot City, after Episode 3. Now go to the Prepper shelter North-west of the city, by descending the canyon before the weather station. As the shelter and Chiral Network connect, you will meet the Conan O’ Brien who will reward you with a Sea Otter Hood.

  • Daichi Mura – West of Capital Knot City and South-West of Distribution Center.
  • Edgar Wright – South of Lake Knot City at the Distribution Center.
  • Hermen Hulst – Southwest of Lake Knot City at the Shelter during Episode 3.
  • Junji Ito – Through a main quest in the Central Region.
  • Sam Lake – Northwest of Timefall Farm, in the midst of Episode 3.
  • Geoff Keighley – East of Distribution Center and west of Capital Knot City.

Unlocking Horizon Zero Dawn – Watchers, Aloy and Tallnecks Holograms
You can find these unique holograms by performing a series of tasks. South-west of Lake Knot City, you will find Craftsman Prepper in the beginning of Order 21. As you carry out errands for Sam, you will be able to bring him to the UCA Chiral Network and increase his connection level, and you will get these rewards:

  • Watchers Holograms as you reach Connection Level 3
  • Aloy Hologram once you reach Connection Level 4
  • Tallneck Hologram after reaching Connection Level 5

Adding Holograms to your Structures
You can add holograms and music to your structures once you’ve upgraded them to level 2 or higher. 

To find out the items required to upgrade each structure, go to our Death Stranding Buildings guide. After improving a structure, interact with and select “Customize Structure”.

Here you can set music, short messages, and Holograms for other players to see