Death Stranding Cargo Tips – How to Transport, Keep It Safe

In Death Stranding, the main character Sam has to deliver valuable cargo from one point to another. Some of these deliveries tie in with main storyline missions while some will be side orders of side quests. The Cargo has to be transported safely without too much damage for the mission to be a success. In this Death Stranding guide, we will explain to you how to transport the cargo and also the methods to keep the cargo safe while transportation as these tips will be crucial to pretty much the entire game.

Death Stranding Cargo Tips

From the Collect Cargo menu, you can choose the type and weight of the cargo you will be carrying. You have to choose this carefully as overloading cargo may result in a failed delivery due to damage to the cargo.

While choosing the cargo, be sure to equally distribute the cargo weight. Sam will be carrying the cargo on his back and around the body, so balance the cargo properly. If the balance is off, it will negatively affect Sam’s movement speed as you travel across the country.

As you progress, Sam will be able to use different tools to help him carry cargo such as levitating wagons, power skeletons increasing your cargo carrying capacity etc.

You can use different vehicles to help you during your travel. There are ATVs, motorcycles and hoverboards to help you in the game.

When you spot enemies, be sure to set your cargo down before taking them out as cargo will slow your movement during combat and will also be at risk of getting damaged.

Before starting a delivery, leave some space for extra cargo that you will find during your journey. These pieces of cargo can be left behind by other players or can be part of other orders in the game.

You will be able to freely manage your cargo when beginning order no. 4. Remember to bring the tools below before heading out.

  • Ladder x1
  • Climbing anchor x1

With these two tools, try to keep your cargo weight as low as possible. Also, be mindful of where to deploy items so that other players can also use them.

When beginning order no. 14 in Death Stranding, you will be able to bring hematic grenades. Below is the recommended equipment to bring before starting the mission.

  • Hematic grenade x2 frames
  • Ladder x1
  • Climbing anchor x1
  • Construction equipment x1

Equipping two frames will give you 10 grenades. It will take around six to seven hematic grenades to defeat the fish-like catcher that will appear near the beginning of the mission.

Here are some tips that will help you ensure the safety of cargo during your travels.

Check the weather
Before heading out, check the weather for rainfall. When a storm is coming, make sure your cargo is tucked inside the case. Rain is one of the bigger threats since it makes container spray less effective.

Repair Spray
If your cargo case is hit during travel, its shock absorption will lessen. In case of more damage, use repair spray to restore its integrity.

Damage Sensor Tape
Damage sensor tape will glow when the cargo is hit. The tape color will start off as bright yellow. Repeated hits will start decay of the tape. Tape’s color will change to red when it is damaged repeatedly. Ensure less hits to deliver the cargo safely.

Protect from water
Water bodies will also damage cargo. Use portable ladder or cross bridges to keep your cargo safe from these bodies.

Examine the cargo case’s color

Cargo can be divided into different types depending on the case’s color. Silver cases are for unnamed luggage. Meanwhile, special cases are gold and require extra attention since they can’t be repaired once they break.

Lost Cargo
In Death Stranding, the cargo becomes lost if you drop it and then walk way from it. Leaving a certain distance will cause the cargo to go to some other world. If this happens, some other player can choose to finish the delivery. Likewise, you will also come across abandoned cargo from other players.

You can choose to ignore someone’s lost cargo. Or you can take it to a post box and hope someone finished the delivery for you. You can also choose to complete the delivery yourself. Check out the recipient info from inventory and then go to the location to complete the delivery. Completing lost cargo deliveries will raise your connection level with the post and will also earn you likes.

Entrusting Cargo
In Death Stranding, you have the option to entrust your cargo deliveries to other players. To do so, open up a facility’s menu and choose the Entrust cargo option. This will make the cargo appear in Share locker of other players.

If someone completes your delivery, you both get fully rewarded. But the delivery will fail if someone doesn’t pick it up in the allocated time.

Porter Grades
You will be graded for your efficiency and other factors when you complete a cargo delivery in Death Stranding. You will be rated on the following five points:

  • Delivery Volume – how much cargo you carried across the map. The bigger the order, the bigger the reward.
  • Delivery Time – how quickly you completed the delivery. Clever use of vehicles and finding good routes is key here.
  • Bridge Link – this is your connection with other players. Have you used equipment other players left behind? Have you left equipment for other players to use? These will weigh in for this grade.
  • Cargo condition – this is dictated by how damaged your cargo is. Keep it in perfect condition by staying out of the rain, taking careful routes, and staying away from enemies. You can use a Cargo Repair Spray to fix things up turning deliveries in.
  • Miscellaneous – this is everything else, such as traversing enemy-filled environments and forging new and brave routes.