Planet Zoo Hard Shelters Guide

Planet Zoo revolves around making an attractive park that will bring in a bunch of guests and in turn money. Although you will be bringing in different elements to your park, it is essential that you take care of every living thing’s needs which includes animals. This Planet Zoo guide’s focus will be to help you make hard shelters for all the animals living in your zoo to protect them better from the elements.

Although, animals love their habitats; something they love more is hard shelters, a place that keeps them away from the park and makes them feel secure and happy, away from the world’s eyes.

Planet Zoo Hard Shelters

You can buy a Hard Shelter from your Habitat menu at the bottom of the screen, and then click the Shelter icon with the ‘Zzz’ on it which will then show you your options.

If you wish to make something according to your own style, then you can make one from scratch. The requirements for a construction be considered a hard shelter are:

  • Roof
  • Entrance
  • Closed from three sides.

Without these three things, your build will not be considered a hard shelter. Depending on the number of your animals, you may run out of space in your Hard Shelter, so if needed go ahead and build another one.

If you aren’t sure, click on one of the animals in the Habitat. In your animal information tab, go to the Terrain tab and the first bar should show you the remaining space in your Hard Shelter.

Some issues and some tips

  • A tip you should keep in mind is that walkways will count as shelters is if you keep them at the right height.
  • If you are using Terrain to make your hard shelter and it isn’t working: Make sure you have bedding, you can also go into shelter view and see what effects shelter; the radar button at the bottom left. Use the controls at the top to set it as a Traversable or Shelter. Terrain does however work as a hard shelter.
  • Make sure your shelter protects animals from snow and rain.
  • Avoid gaps in between your buildings, the slightest gap will prevent the construct from being a hard shelter.
  • Use your shelter heat map to check for any mistakes.
  • To make a hard shelter, make a box out of rock pieces or whatever you want really and use advanced move to make your structure overlap so there are no gaps. From there on, modify it to your needs.

Make your hard shelter beautiful and just show how much you care for your virtual zoo. The game can be buggy at times, and a bit tilting, but once you get the hang of the few minor issues, everything sails smooth.