New Pokemon Sword And Shield Pokedex Stats, Descriptions Leaked

Pokemon Sword and Shield have a massive new leak of Pokedex descriptions and statistics to some of its signature new entries. This new wave of leaks comes from files from inside the game and includes abilities, attack and defense stats as well as images of evolutions.

The new leak focuses on Pokedex descriptions for more than a dozen species, including the background of Zamazenta and Drakloak. In addition, a gallery with the abilities and statistics of some of those species can be seen further below.

Here are the Pokedex descriptions in the Pokemon Sword and Shield leak, as reported by Nintenderos:

  • Dreepy: If this Pokémon is alone, even a child can defeat him, but if he has friends to help him with the training, he can turn and grow stronger.
  • Drakloak: Without a Dreepy to take care of, he feels so uncomfortable that he will use any other Pokémon as a substitute for Dreepy.
  • Dragapult: Apparently, the Dreepy inside the horns of this Pokémon are ready to be launched at supersonic speeds.
  • Zamazenta: Hero: This Pokémon slept for eons while shaped like a statue. He was asleep for so long that people forgot that it once existed. Coronado: Now that you are equipped with your shield, you can ignore impressive hits, including Dinamax Pokémon attacks.
  • Impidimp, Wily Pokemon: 1’4 «12.1 lbs: It sneaks into people’s homes, stealing things and celebrating with negative energy among frustrated owners.
  • Morgrem, Devious Pokemon: 2’7 ″ 27.6 lbs: Cunningly, try to attract people into the forest interior. Some believe it has the power to grow crops.
  • Grimmsnarl, Bulk Up Pokemon: 4’11 «134.5 lbs: Your hair works like muscle fibers. When their hair unfolds, they cling to opponents, trapping them like tentacles.
  • Corsola de Galar, Coral Pokemon: 2 ‘/ 1.1 lbs: The sudden climate change extinguished the old type of Corsola. This Pokémon absorbs the life force of others through its branches.
  • Cursola, Coral Pokemon: 3’3 ″ / .9 lbs: Be careful of the ectoplasmic body that surrounds your soul.If you touch it, you will become stiff as a stone.
  • Blipbug, Larva Pokemon: 1’4 «17.6 lbs: Often found in gardens, this Pokémon has hairs on its body that it uses to assess its surroundings.
  • Dottler, Radome Pokemon: 1’4 «43 lbs: As he grows inside his shell, he uses his psychic abilities to monitor the outside world and prepare for evolution.
  • Orbeetle, Seven Spot Pokemon: 1’4 «89.9 lbs: It emits psychic energy to observe and study what is around it, and what is around it can include things more than six miles away.
  • Silicobra, Sand Snake Pokemon: 7’3 «16.8 lbs: Throws sand from its nostrils. While the enemy is blinded, he hides on the ground to hide.
  • Sandaconda, Sand Snake Pokemon: 12’6 ″ 144.4 lbs: Its unique winding style allows you to splash sand from your sandbag more efficiently.
  • Yamask de Galar, Spirit Pokemon: 1’8 «3.3 lbs: It is said that this Pokémon was formed when an ancient clay tablet was attracted by a vengeful spirit.
  • Runerigus, Grudge Pokemon: 5’3 146.8 lbs: Never touch your gloomy body or you will be shown horrible memories.

In the gallery below you can see abilities, statistics, and descriptions for some of the most iconic species. Thanks to the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield leak, we find out new evolutions and some overpowered abilites:

This is everything that was included in the latest leak for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The game releases on November 15th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

If you don’t own a Nintendo Switch yet, there are bundles including the base game of your selection and the console on Nintendo’s store and most probably at your closest retailer. Note that there is a special Zacian and Zamazenta Nintendo Switch Lite Edition that would fit great in your collection.