This is How the Diablo 4 Loot System Will Work

With a new Diablo game coming at some point in the future, the talk among players is already turning to the way that the Diablo 4 loot system is expected to work. Blizzard, thankfully, has explained how, and we’ll likely be getting even more information until the game releases in the future.

Diablo 4, despite its fantasy trappings, is first foremost a dungeon-crawling loot game. Players enter a variety of areas across the game’s story mode and afterwards, picking up various pieces of weapons and armor that they can use to equip their characters.

According to Blizzard, both Legendary and Set weapons will be making a return in the game, but apparently Set items in the Diablo 4 loot system will become less dominant, to prevent what happened in Diablo 3 where players often had to have a full Set to perform properly in the endgame.

Set items included various weapons and armor pieces that were intended to all be worn together, allowing characters to gain bonuses that will help to increase their stats. Set items being less important will help players to come up with new build ideas instead of sticking to a certain meta.

Prefixes and affixes on gear is also something that’s a part of the Diablo 4 system, which will have various runes and runeword combinations too. This means that a chestpiece called something like the Insulating Highland Vestment of Fortifying could have two runes, Vex and Dol. This would allow it to give players resistance to cold damage, help them take less damage, and the Vex-Dol runeword giving players a higher critical hit chance after they drink a health potion.

The Diablo 4 loot system is so extensive, in fact, that there’s even an organization chart for it. It runs in a similar tier list to Diablo 3 that includes the following: Normal, Magic, Rare, Legendary or Set, Ancient Legendary or Ancient Set, and Mythic, with the power and attributes of the gear increasing as the quality goes up.

In Diablo 3, Ancient weapons and higher weren’t a part of the base game, and were instead added later. However, this time it seems that Blizzard will have them in the game from the start, so there’s no limit to the quality of loot that you can pick up.

While there isn’t any Diablo 4 release date right now, hopefully Blizzard will have a good idea on when we can expect Diablo 4 to release on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC sometime in the hopefully near future.