Terminator Resistance Will Debut Later Than Expected In America

Teyon and Reef Entertainment announced a few months ago Terminator Resistance, an FPS based on the popular action and science fiction franchise. We have bad news if you waited for its premiere, because they delayed it in North America. The launch of the title was planned for December 3 of this year in this region.

However, the studios decided to delay it. The game keeps its premiere date in Europe, where it will be available on November 15. Now, Terminator Resistance will be available in North America on December 10, so the additional wait won’t be so long. Its launch is still planned for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. To accompany the news, the studios revealed more gameplay.

Earlier we saw a bit of the stealth mechanics of the game. The new trailer is quite the opposite, because it is full of action and finally shows the FPS part we’ve all been waiting for. We won’t tell you more and we leave you with the video below.

Terminator Resistance takes place in the events between Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but in the futuristic and post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles, about 30 years after the end of the Judgment Day.

We will be soldier Jacob Rivers, a new priority target of Skynet artificial intelligence, which has ordered his army of terminators to end us because of the danger we pose to his victory in this war. In this world we will fight the T-800, the best-known terminator model – the one played by Arnold Schwarzenegger – but also other originals, the HK-Tank and the Hunter Killers.

Taking advantage of the elements of survival and inferiority of armament, we must take advantage of scrap metal to improve our arsenal of plasma weapons, trade or hack devices that put Skynet technology on our side.

During a live PlayStation Access EGX it has been possible to see 30 minutes of its playability. This demo reveals that Terminator Resistance will not be so much a frantic shooter in which to shoot the robots, but that it is much more stealth-oriented as mentioned above. As soon as the player is detected, the shots of the T-800 do not forgive.

I would therefore be inspired more by the terror of these implacable enemies seen in the first film than in the most spectacular action of the latest blockbusters. I leave you with the video below.

(you can watch the gameplay at 2:32:16)

Terminator Resistance is defined as a first-person action game, but it also has remarkable elements of survival, role and crafting, since we can improve our weapons to make them more effective.

I remind you that Terminator Resistance will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 10. It will still be available on November 15 in Europe.