The New Steam Library Is Now Available To Everyone

Recently, Valve invited all Steam users to try the Beta version of their new library design. If you are one of those who checked it before its official debut you already know what to expect, but those who did not can finally see it now, because its appearance and new functions are officially available to everyone.

A hearty thank you to everyone who tried out the Library during the beta. We’ll continue shipping improvements and new features based on your feedback and requests.

Maybe you think that the new library will only have a renewed design that complies visually, but the truth is that it will include several new features in terms of how it works. We say this because the new library will let you see what happens with the gaming community, so you can find out about the evolution of the titles that interest you.

In addition, through the library’s homepage you will be able to know what titles your friends are playing, something that will definitely encourage the social section of this entertainment.

One more function of the new library is the events section, thanks to which you can discover the updates and diverse content that reaches the titles that are part of your collection, so it will be difficult for you to miss out on temporary promotions, as well as events, and be aware of everything new in a game that you may have left some time ago.

This function will also help developers to be connected with their followers. What we are referring to is one of the options that it includes is that creatives can transmit videos with the community or share different types of material, such as challenges. The event function is now available to developers.

But that’s not all, the Remote Play Together function will leave its Beta period to be available equally to all users. Something important to say is that Valve will continue to receive feedback regarding the news and will make changes according to the opinions of the fans.

As an added bonus, this update also expands the Remote Play Together Beta to all Steam users.

In other news, Electronic Arts suggested a few days ago the possible return of their games to Steam. After a few days, the company finally confirmed a new distribution agreement with Valve. Thanks to this, Electronic Arts games will once again be available on Steam. In addition, the company prepares a big surprise for PC players and users of the Valve platform.

Part of the agreement is that EA Access, the Electronic Arts subscription service, will now also be offered via Steam.

The subscription service will arrive at the Valve platform sometime next spring. This agreement between companies will begin very soon, with the launch of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on Steam, a platform where it is already possible to pre-order it. Electronic Arts reported that other games such as The Sims 4 and Unravel Two will also join Steam in the coming months.

In 2020 the platform users will have access to Apex Legends, FIFA 20 and Battlefield V. More great news is that Steam and Origin players can play together. For its part, EA Access will arrive with all its benefits to Steam, that is, a large catalog of games, as well as rewards for all subscribed players.