Marvel’s Avengers Cosmetics Include 24 Iron Man Skins, Emotes

Marvel’s Avengers from Square Enix releases next March, hoping to be the next big thing in superhero video games. Including a robust story and multiple heroes to play with, it’s only fitting for Marvel’s Avengers to include cosmetics like skins to enhance its gameplay.

We didn’t have a clear view of what cosmetics in Marvel’s Avengers will look like when the game releases. One Reddit user have taken the time to post his finds from within the game, showing what we’ll encounter when we get to play it. The first image focuses on skins, Ironman skins to be exact. As the image suggests, there will be 24 skins for Tony Stark, although only a handful of them can be seen unlocked. This steps up the bar for the game since we can expect a similar number of skins for all other characters too.

The second image confirms the presence of emotes in the Appearance tab in Marvel’s Avengers. It’s unclear what kinds of emotes will be available and whether or not they’ll be purchasable. Since the game will be replayable with online functionality, it makes sense for Square Enix to include some type of microtransaction. We’d love to see skins being unlocked through the story or after completing certain challenges but emotes? That’s another story. We expect such Marvel’s Avengers cosmetics to come in loot boxes when it comes to multiplayer and that’s as far as we can guess.

Marvel’s Avengers won’t support local co-op play according to the latest confirmation. Online co-op gameplay will be available but if you’re not an online kind-of player, you’ll find yourself alone in the fray. One playthrough will take about 30 hours to complete everything and that’s only without the post-launch content.

Marvel’s Avengers will have six playable characters at launch, a roster that will increase over time. The same goes for their respective alternate costumes. Ms. Marvel is the latest playable character to join the roster. The game will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC on May 15, 2020.