Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch is a Hardcore PC Gamer

Silicon Valley is back on HBO for its last season, giving an end to probably the best show about how programmers work. Thomas Middleditch, the protagonist actor is one of its most iconic figures and is, in fact, a PC Master Race member. During filming, Middlestitch took the time to take a photo next to a MainGear PC, housing an Nvidia GeForce RTX and some amazing led frame (can be seen in the picture above).

This isn’t the first time Richard’s actor is open about his gaming life. However, he’s a fan of Maingear, with his previous setup being built on top of a full Maingear tower. A couple of years back, he was invited to join Stephen Colbert in his late-night show. During the talk, he admitted to having LAN parties when he was younger. He and his friends would play Delta Force, back when online gaming and playing with friends wasn’t as easy as connecting to WiFi.

Even now, being offset means he get to play video games, as he had said to a previous interview. He’s not a rookie when it comes to gaming though. He enjoys flight simulators and games like Divinity: Original Sin 2. In a special video on Nvidia GeForce’s channel on Youtube, he talked about why he’s a proud member of the PC Master Race:

“I’m looking forward to pushing it to the max, cranking up all the settings. That’s kinda the best thing about being on PC. Run everything on full power!”

This doesn’t come as a surprise since Silicon Valley is the most prominent title regarding technology and programming. The show has pointed out the gaming side of programmers countless times and even paid respect to VR gaming and the power of MMORPG’s with a small video game studio saving Richard’s company at the end of last season.

If you haven’t seen Silicon Valley yet then it’s the best time to start watching it. Especially if you’re into technology, programming, and the “nerdy culture”. The show includes stereotypes of all kinds, like hackers who hate life, evil corporate masterminds, billionaires with no IQ and so on. With the last season being now on air, it’s a perfect time for some binging.