Ninja’s Move to Mixer has Also Benefited Facebook Gaming

Twitch is slowly but steadily losing its place as a monopoly in video game streaming. After Ninja’s move to Mixer, followed by Shroud and more, the platform has been losing numbers, while Mixer, Youtube and Facebook Gaming are rising in popularity.

In a recent report for Streamlabs by Newzoo, we see a lot of ups and downs for all streaming platforms, mostly regarding Mixer. Over the past 2 months, more and more streamers are migrating to Microsoft’s platform, with Ninja and Shroud being the biggest streamers to take the step. The result was the number of unique Twitch streamers to drop significantly during the past quarter, even though the total hours of viewership on the platform keeps rising. Almost 10% of Twitch’s streamers have either migrated to other platforms or stopped altogether.

On the other hand, Mixer is seeing a rise in both Hours Watched and Streamed while the unique streamers have doubled since Q2. As for Facebook Gaming, Streamlabs showed that now streamers and viewers start recognizing it as a stable game streaming platform. Even though Newzoo doesn’t have an official report for it, it seems that streamers using Streamlabs OBS on Facebook Gaming has increased 236% since Q1’18. In Q2 2019, active streamers have reached an astonishing 153.000.

Facebook Gaming has a huge advantage above all other streaming platforms. It comes with a sharing platform, the biggest one in our generation. Facebook has and will have a huge impact on popularity, with community groups and creator pages that can help raise awareness for someone’s stream schedule. On the other hand, Facebook Gaming lacks the modern look and easy controls so that gamers will choose it over Twitch. If and when the platforms get a revamp, making it more appealing it has the potential of being the next big thing.

Right now, Facebook Gaming attracts players from mostly Latin America and Europe as Newzoo confirms, with the company open to investing money on content creators to join Facebook Gaming.

It remains to be seen what the streaming platform scene will look like by the start of 2020. One thing is sure though, players will become curious about other platforms in the next months and it’s certain that we’ll see even more streamers migrating to Mixer, Youtube or Facebook Gaming.