Destiny Update 2.6.1 Begins Festival Of The Lost

Halloween has come again, and Bungie is once again aiming to capitalize on it with the return of Destiny’s Festival of the Lost event, which will be taking place from today, October 29, to November 19. Along with the festival, however, Destiny update 2.6.1 is giving us a few other changes as well.

Players who took part in the 2018 Festival of the Lost, and who have still retained the masks used during that event, will automatically receive the ornaments that can be used on this year’s masks. However, the meat of the update isn’t related to Festival of the Lost at all.

Instead it has to deal with the various changes made to Guardian class supers, the various activities now available around the Solar system ranging from the new Nightmare Hunts to Exotic weapon quests, Crucible, Raids, and more.

A huge amount of new Destiny 2 content has come out with the release of the game’s Shadowkeep expansion, including a new system for armor, new weapons, new quests, and new objectives, many of which are contained in the “Season of the Undying”, which focuses around a Vex invasion of the moon.

However, even with Destiny update 2.6.1 being out now, most of the emphasis is still on Festival of the Lost. The masks aren’t just for show; players can also go around to the various different vendors in the game to collect candy from them, which can in turn be used for rewards.

However, the true prize isn’t the candy. Instead, players will likely want to pick up the Braytech Werewolf auto rifle, a legendary weapon that’s sure to be valuable for any player wanting to up their power level.

You can now play the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event from now until November 19. If you want to know all of the particulars of the Destiny update 2.6.1, you can follow this link to see the patch notes.