Kingdom Hearts Job Openings Posted By Square Enix

Square Enix is apparently planning Kingdom Hearts’s future already, even though Kingdom Hearts 3 only released in January of this year. Kingdom Hearts job openings have been posted by the company, which has openings to work on “HD development of the Kingdom Hearts series”, though no specifics about future games were offered.

Kingdom Hearts first began way back in 2002 and took the world by storm for its odd yet charming mixture of Disney and Final Fantasy, along with a number of different, original Square Enix characters and its own (at times confusing) mythology.

While Kingdom Hearts 3 concluded the story arc that had been working across the entire series since its beginnings, it would appear that Square Enix isn’t done with the franchise yet. And, considering how popular it’s been, who knows how long it may continue.

The “HD development” phrase is rather confusing, however, as it could mean two things. It could just straight-up mean development, as the games are now in HD, but Square Enix could also be intending to redevelop older Kingdom Hearts games in high-definition.

While the Kingdom Hearts games have gotten remastered into the 1.5 and 2.5 compilations, which upped their graphics, they still aren’t up to the same standards as Kingdom Hearts 3, so if HD development means the previous games being remade to those standards, that may be it.

Otherwise, if the Kingdom Hearts job openings mean that we’ll be getting more games in the future, hopefully Square Enix won’t be too long in announcing them, especially considering the wait that came between Kingdom hearts games and how long it took for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be released.

But whatever it’s intended to be, if it means we get more adventures with Sora, Donald, and Goofy, Kingdom Hearts fans are likely not going to complain as long as it doesn’t take years and years to come out.

Either way, if you’re in the neighborhood and have experience with coding, then you can get onto Square Enix’s Japanese website to apply for one of the Kingdom Hearts job openings yourself.