Understanding Rank Progression in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare features a new rank progression system for the multiplayer mode. As you rank up, you will unlock various loadout options, killstreaks and field upgrades. Upon ranking up, you will also receive skins for your weapons, icons and attachments.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Rank Progression

Modern Warfare has introduced other ranks which have replaced the Prestige rank, and these ranks offer new or extended incentives and advantages. Our guide describes how players may progress through the various ranks offered in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a series of post-launch seasons, and every season will have a distinct track for the Officer Rank progression, maps, modes, missions, community events and all sorts of content related to the gaming experience.

How does the rank progression system work?
You will start the multiplayer with Enlisted ranks from 1-55, playing the game will get you more experience points, which will let you rank up. Once you get to 55, you will have the rank of Officer, after which another 100 ranks will be unlocked, which will have Officer challenges and cosmetics.

After each season, the Officer ranks will be reset.

The first level in the Enlisted Ranks will be Private. You will have to level up by playing multiplayer matches, Spec Ops or by completing missions.

You can also get experience points by completing short objectives, and challenge missions. Challenge missions are basically objectives with multiple steps, that may be completed by players to earn XP boosts and various rewards.

You can activate challenge awards in the Barracks Menu. Lastly, you can consider playing through Camo challenges, which are variations of base weapon camos which will allow you to get XP bonuses.

The Officer ranks are a replacement of the Prestige Rank in the preceding Call of Duty games. Prestige was not as rewarding as the Officer rank is, in which there are a 100 Officer Ranks that you can rank up through.

This is seasonal ranking system as it will reset at the start of every new season. While you rank up as an Officer, you will get a special Officer Challenge to complete, which is somewhat like the Daily Challenge but the objectives tend to reward you with experience points, along with a Seasonal Ribbon.

You will get a Season Emblem after you’ve won 10 Ribbons, while getting 10 more Ribbons will evolve your emblem.
Getting all 100 Ribbons will allow you to unlock an animated emblem.

The Accomplishments
All of your accomplishments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, will permanently be recorded. These accomplishments include all sorts of Seasonal Emblems, Ribbons from Officer Challenges, or your Officer Rank.

Only your Officer Rank will be reset whenever a new season starts so that all players can have a fresh and equal start on a seasonal basis.

Leveling up your Weapons
You can level up weapons by putting down enemies with a particular weapon, which will allow you experience points for that weapon. Earning a certain amount of experience points for that weapon will increase the weapon’s level.

Increasing the level of your weapons will unlock new attachments for you. These attachments may include muzzles, optics, stocks, camos and perks.

Leveling up Camos
Once you’ve unlocked a camo, you can level it up by completing the corresponding camo challenges. Unlocking camos will also get you experience points.