Fallout 76 Fans Are Furious With Fallout 1st Subscription

Once again, Bethesda and Fallout 76 are on the chopping block. As you probably remember, the company announced Fallout 1st, a new subscription for its RPG, which would grant several advantages and deliver content that fans had long been waiting for. This decision turned out to be very controversial and, to finish ruining things, it debuted with problems that angered fans.

But what is it that makes the loyal enthusiasts of Fallout 76 so furious?

There are several reasons, but one of the main reasons is that the new worlds of private servers are not exactly new. In Reddit, there are several players who have complained that the worlds for which they paid with Fallout 1st present dead NPCs, as well as objects already collected and other abnormalities that make them see that someone had already stepped on this place.

The players said they made several tests of this and it happened to them repeatedly. That is not the only problem with private servers, since they are not private either. There are players who report that people on their friends list can join their private Fallout 76 games, which is a real problem for those who want to make small organized events.

There are users who report that the special deposit to which you receive access for paying Fallout 1st also has problems. Users say that they have lost objects that they kept there when they went from a private server to a public one. In case you do not know, the promise is that this deposit would store manufacturing components without any limit.

A Reddit user made the following statement.

Bethesda demonstrates its greed and complete indifference to players over and over again. For some reason, people keep buying their garbage and they jumped to support them when they bought membership. Now they burn them and they realize that the service is basically a lie… it’s hard not to get cynical and laugh.

So far, Bethesda has not commented on the complaints of players who are disappointed with Fallout 1st. So, we don’t know how long it will take for them to find a solution to these problems. We will keep an eye on this and inform you when we know more about it.

In other news, a health alert went on in the United States, after it was discovered that a Fallout collectible could endanger those who bought it. This is because it turns out to present the ideal conditions for a type of fungus to develop.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that approximately 20,000 units of the T-51b Power Armor collectible Helmet should be returned to stores. This is because there may be mold in the fabric inside the helmet which makes it a potential health risk for individuals with weakened immune systems, damaged lungs or allergy to this type of fungus.

The good news is that all Fallout fans who have purchased this collectible helmet will receive a refund. So, you will not lose anything by returning it. I remind you that Fallout 76 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.