Suda51 and Swery Game Collaboration “Hotel Barcelona” Revealed

It’s a dream team of kooky games, apparently, as a new Suda51 and Swery game collaboration has been revealed via a Twitter leak. Entitled “Hotel Barcelona”, the pair revealed the existence of the game during an IGN Japan livestream today, where they also gave us some other details about the game.

Hotel Barcelona is supposed to be an indie game horror title, which will apparently be released on mobile, though the Nintendo Switch was also mentioned as a possible platform for release. Since the budget is apparently around $1 million though, that’s likely not going to happen.

What we do know about the game is that it’s apparently going to be inspired by the Siren series, a series of Japanese horror games, along with various works from people like David Lynch, who worked on the Twin Peaks series.

Considering that Swery was at the helm for Deadly Premonition, itself inspired by Twin Peaks, it’s not that surprising that the Suda51 and Swery game is taking inspiration from a show like that as well.

The pair has also been in talks for the game to be published by Devolver Digital, itself a publisher known for helping to release a wide variety of quirky games, such as the first-ever Western release of Metal Wolf Chaos earlier this year.

The game will be quite easy for the average gamer to pick up, which is likely one of the reasons why it’s being released on mobile platforms, since so many casual gamers play games on their phones, rather than on a full console.

To add to the dream team horror, during the same livestream, Suda and Swery texted Keiichiro Toyama (who’s responsible for the creation of both Silent Hill and Siren) to help with the game, and he said yes. So, whatever this new Suda51 and Swery game is going to be about, it’ll likely be both horrifying and quirky, even if it’s only on mobile devices.

Currently Hotel Barcelona has no real release date, but hopefully we’ll be getting more information on it at a later date.