Steam Holiday Sales Dates Leaked On Twitter

The next three upcoming Steam holiday sales dates have been leaked on Twitter, showing when we’ll next be getting sales for Halloween, the Steam Autumn Sale, and the big year-ending Steam Winter Sale. While Valve has denied the dates, various other developers have posted the dates in multiple places.

Steam sales are some of the busiest periods on the service, when hundreds or even thousands of games are put up on sale for a variety of discounted prices. This makes any sale a good opportunity to buy a game that you’ve been waiting for for a long time, especially since it will more than likely be quite cheap.

The fact that all three sales are in such close proximity to one another is also a good thing for most gamers, because if your game isn’t on sale during one of them, they’ll more than likely be on sale during one of the others. Or, if you want to limit yourself to a certain game or number of games per sale, them being a month apart gives your finances time to recover too.

While we don’t exactly know what games will be up for grabs in the Steam holiday sales, we can likely expect some of the most popular games of the past year to get discounts, though more recent releases that will be coming out between now and the end of 2019 likely won’t get sales.

However, in addition to full games, you could also make use of the Steam sales to buy downloadable content that you haven’t picked up due to cash reasons, such as a Paradox Interactive game or some other title with a large amount of DLC.

Either way, you can follow this link to the Twitter post about the Steam holiday sales to find out the dates, and in the meantime start saving up to get whatever games you’ve been looking forward to.