Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Development Ended, Game Has Gone Gold

Star Wars fans can allow their hype to ratchet up another notch with the recent news that the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order development has ended at Respawn Entertainment. This means that the game has gone gold, and is now as we speak getting prepared for release both physically and digitally.

The game, which has been in the making since 2018, is Respawn’s first Star Wars game and its first non-first person shooter game, since the studio is best known for the various Titanfall games and Apex Legends. Hopefully, Fallen Order’s different look wasn’t a challenge for them.

Fallen Order will also be the most recent Star Wars game put out under Electronic Arts’s umbrella since the company got permission from Disney to exclusively develop Star Wars games. That decision has had dodgy results as EA’s Star Wars games have often been either cancelled or come out to mediocre or outright hostile reviews.

Fallen Order focuses around a young Jedi named Cal Kestis, who escaped Order 66 and the purge of the Jedi Order and has since been living below the Empire’s radar. However, when he’s forced to use the Force to save a friend he’s put on the run as the Second Sister, one of the Empire’s Inquisitors, is sent to hunt him down.

Jedi Fallen Order development thankfully proceeded smoothly enough that Respawn was able to put out its November 15 release date and stick to it, and from the gameplay we’ve seen over the past year it looks like it’s shaped up to be a very good game, even if we’ve only seen one world so far.

The game is supposed to have multiple different planets that we’ll be able to travel to in a somewhat Metroidvania-like setup, though for now we’ve only seen Kashyyyk, the Wookiee homeworld, where Cal met Saw Guerrera and his Partisans. We don’t really know yet what other planets will be available.

Either way, now that Jedi Fallen Order development is done, hopefully the game will turn out to be great when it releases on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on November 15.