Modern Warfare Connection Meters Coming To Consoles, Says Leak

A recent leak on Reddit showing the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s options menu has given some console owners a reason to be happy, since Modern Warfare connection meters will be one of the many things that players can fiddle with in the game’s options menu when it comes out.

Internet connectivity issues are one of the biggest issues with multiplayer-focused games, with players that have high ping slowing the game down and making it lag for everyone else so that they can get caught up.

The connection meters will allow players with dodgy internet connections to find a server where they won’t be dragging the game down for everyone else. Ping and connection can be impacted by things like improper routing, distance, and crowded bandwidth, but the meters can likely help you find a server where you won’t cause lag.

Not only will this help you to be able to play free of lag in a fast-paced multiplayer game like Call of Duty and let you play to your fullest, it will also likely help your reputation among other players that might otherwise get angry at you for dragging down the game with your lag.

The game’s PC beta also had a connection meter, though according to other commenters on that same Reddit post it didn’t work very well, and normally only showed connection bars rather than an actual ping number. Hopefully Infinity Ward will be able to make it work better in the full game.

Other settings that were available on the options menu aside from the Modern Warfare connection meters included your external and internal IP addresses and your geographical location, along with options to enable Crossplay and text chat.

You’ll be able to mess with all of these options on October 25 when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.