Microsoft Trademarks Xbox Game Pass Slogan, So Sony Can’t Steal?

A new trademark from Microsoft has recently appeared on the internet, and apparently it’s intended to allow the Xbox Game Pass slogan, “Discover your next favorite game”, to be used only as a slogan for Microsoft, rather than allowing other companies, like Sony, to use it for their own services.

The trademark was apparently sparked by Sony putting more emphasis into Playstation Now, likely trying to follow up on the popularity of Xbox Game Pass. In addition to decreasing the price and starting to put in more popular exclusive games, and after using the slogan for Game Pass, “Discover your next favorite game” in its marketing, Microsoft has taken action.

While Sony stopped using that phrase within a few days of first using it, Microsoft seems to be making sure that something like it can’t happen again, hence the trademark on the Xbox Game Pass slogan. Playstation Now will have to come up with something else to be catchy with.

Considering how Xbox Game Pass works, allowing Xbox gamers (and PC gamers) the ability to play any game on it that they want for the low monthly fee of five dollars, the discovery comparison is certainly apt. However, it’s far from the first version of that service.

Compared to the Game Pass, which came out in 2017, Playstation’s Playstation Now service is significantly older, having launched in 2014. However, unlike Game Pass, Playstation Now hasn’t been getting as much attention from Sony until recently, likely drawn by the success of Game Pass.

According to recent financial data, Xbox Game Pass users play 40% more games when they use it, not only with the service itself, but also going to stores and buying games, likely after trying them out using the service and finding it worth paying full price for to own the game.

Since the Xbox Game Pass slogan is now trademarked under Microsoft, Sony is going to have to come up with a new catchy slogan for the Playstation Now service.