Photographs Of The Alleged PS5 Development Kit Emerged

We are in the final stretch of the life cycle of the current generation consoles, this means that in a very short time there will be a full disclosure of the next Project Scarlett and PS5 systems. Precisely from this last console we know more thanks to the leaks of its development kit. Now some photographs came to light that reveal how the model will look like.

According to the YouTube channel ZONEofTECH, they received an email from someone who leaked the image of the PS5 development kit. As you can see in the images below, the good resolution allows you to see each of the features of the model.

In the image you can see that it has buttons on the surface which would be used to turn it on or off, restart it, eject the disk and to start the system and the network. In addition, you can see 6 USB ports. 1 apparently is type B, another type A 2.0, 3 type A 3.0, and 1 more that may also be A 3.0.

In addition to the above, on the left side there are several numbers that are believed to be the number of cores that the development kit would be using or could represent the number of connected controllers.

The channel compared the images of the supposed PS5 design of the development kit that Lets Go Digital shared with this physical model, which is equally interesting, because the truth is that the 2 are very similar. We leave you the images that ZONEofTECH shared below, also the video so you can see more closely how it may look.


We remind you that neither PlayStation nor Sony have confirmed or denied this PS5 design, so we recommend taking this as a rumor. However, what makes us think that it is true is the comment of a developer who already has the model, in which it is confirmed that the design that Lets Go Digital shared was true.

Taking into account that this image is very similar, it is highly likely that this is the PS5 model. Another detail that you should take into account is that this design, in case of being real, is very likely to differ with that of the console that will reach the market.

The rumors around PS5 do not stop appearing, but in some cases it is well worth paying attention because the information gives account of details or features that are known to be part of the new Sony console, such as backwards compatibility.

In that sense, a new rumor indicates that PS5 will be able to run records from the previous PlayStation, ensuring, perhaps, the most impressive catalog in history.

According to a report by Wccftech, the Twitter user “PSErebus”, who gained notoriety after filtering the release date of The Last of Us: Part II which in the end was confirmed, he said in a new publication that PS5 will have native backward compatibility with previous models of the brand, so he invited fans not to get rid of their PS, PS2, PS3 and PS4 discs.

Like all information of this type, it is necessary to take it with reservation as it is a rumor and so far there is no official information from Sony Interactive Entertainment. However, it should be noted that Sony has confirmed that its desire is that PS5 has direct compatibility with PS4.

This is in addition to a patent registered by the company that accounts for new technologies that allow an adequate deployment of old titles to provide a good retro experience.