New Nvidia Chip Could Help With Switch Performance

The new Nvidia chip called the Tegra X1+ could be the thing that some gamers need to boost the performance of their Nintendo Switch consoles, according to a now-deleted Amazon listing. The chip, though not in the Switch itself, will be part of the new Nvidia Shield TV Pro device.

The Amazon listing in question describes the new Tegra X1+ chip as being able to help the Shield TV device to be up to 25% faster, and would also allow the TV to display images in 4K, which would make services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Vudu much more visually appealing.

The main appeal of the new Nvidia chip to gamers, however, is the possibility that the rumored upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro model will also be using that kind of chip, which would make that version of the Switch a much more graphically impressive version.

While the Nintendo Switch has had a number of good-looking games on it, one of the main issues that it has with third-party ports is that due to its smaller size, many games have to scale down their graphics so that the Switch can run them. If the Pro really does have the Tegra X1+ in it, the console could likely run better-looking games at the same temperature.

While the Nintendo Switch Pro has yet to be announced, and is still only rumor, gamers that want their Switches to be able to run games at better visual levels might be looking forward to such a device whenever (or if ever) Nintendo decides to announce it.

In the meantime, while there’s currently no Amazon listing for the new Nvidia chip, Nvidia will likely be announcing it fully sometime soon, so that gamers can get their wallets ready to buy it. In the meantime, they’ll just have to keep watch for any more news.