Wisla Krakow Esports Team Announced By Club

Fans of the Polish football club Wisla Krakow may have another reason to get excited for the team, especially if you’re an esports fan. The club has announced that an official Wisla Krakow esports team is being formed, and we’ll be seeing it in action at the PGA 2019 esports tournament.

This is a big step forward for the esports community, especially since actual professional sports teams are taking notice. Wisla Krakow has up until now been a soccer club exclusively, but with the increased prevalence of competitive esports titles, that’s now a bigger possibility.

Various sports teams in the past have said that players are often too busy playing the hottest new video game to practice, which can cost them games, so it seems like some clubs are starting to figure they should at least be profiting off of those kinds of things.

The official Wisla Krakow Esports team will be playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive when it gets to the PGA 2019 esports tournament, facing off against the team KGG, another Polish team, in the WarmUP tournament on Saturday at 10:00.

The esports team existing at all is a fairly sizable investment for the club, as its players are on a three-year, $1.8 million contract, of which the club only gets 20%. At the same time, however, they’re not pioneering this, as various other football clubs across Europe have also gotten esports teams and players are investing in them.

Wisla Krakow also tends to look to the future for its business decisions, and if trends are going in the direction of esports teams it’s only natural that the club would want a team for its own, especially if it can help build the club’s brand into something bigger.

Either way, the Wisla Krakow esports team will have to do well for the club to believe that it’s worth the investment, so hopefully they’ve been practicing hard and will get to win at the tournament on Saturday.