How to Digivolve in Digimon ReArise

Digimon ReArise allows players to Digivolve their Digimon so that they can possess better stat upgrades with improved abilities. Although, the ability to Digivolve will not be made available until a player has completed Act 3 from the main story of Digimon ReArise. Digivolving in Digimon ReArise has a particular set of requirements, which we will be going through in this guide.

You will have to start with maxing out your Digimon’s Bond. This can be done by feeding your Digimon their favorite food, as it will increase the Bond quickly and to a higher extent.
Although if the Digimon has a request, consider feeding them that particular food for the highest extent of bond levels.

Upgrades will cost you Bits, the native currency of the game. You can receive the currency from completing quests. Digimon have to be upgraded to a specific level; Rookies to the level 20, and Champions to level 60, but Digimon have a locked level of 10 and 40 for Rookies and Champions.

To break level locks, Digimon have to be awakened. To Awaken a Digimon, one has to fill all six training slots, which will unlock the Awaken option for your Digimon.
The training equipment can be acquired through quests and Dimensional Vortexes.

You will have to head to the Digivolve page to check for the materials that are required for the Digivolution. You will have to earn these materials from Clash Battles.

Once you’ve acquired the materials, go ahead and Digivolve. You will find Digivolving as a lengthy process, but as it is deemed imperative to Digivolve in order to progress through the game, you will definitely have to boost the bond levels of your Digimon and grind Bits to spend on digivolving as well.