Digimon ReArise Awakening Tips

Digimon ReArise requires you to Awaken your Digimon if you’ve reached their max level at which they can’t level up any more. Awakening is performed to raise the max level of your Digimon. The game will notify you if you have to Awaken your Digimon to raise their max level once they’ve reached there. This guide will help you with Awakening your Digimon in Digimon ReArise.

How to Awaken

To awaken your Digimon, you will have to go to the Train menu and select the Workout/Awakening option. From here, select the Digimon that you wish to Awaken. Now, you will have to look at the number of Workout Items that are available.

To Awaken the Digimon, your Digimon should have used one of each Workout Chip. There are six workout chips with six types of exercises to do. The Digimon need to do these exercises in order to get to the Awakening Stage. Once you’re at the Awakening Stage, go ahead and tap the button to Awaken the Digimon.

Apart from Workout Chips, you will need Bit, which is the in-game native currency. Once you’ve awakened your Digimon, your Digimon’s base stats will be increased, depending on the type of exercise and chip.

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