Half-Life VR Game In The Making, Serves As Prequel

A recently leak has told us that a Half-Life VR game is now in the making at Valve. Intended to be a killer app to get people into the virtual reality genre, the VR game is also a prequel to Half-Life 2, putting players in the role of Alex Vance.

This is the first true Half-Life game released by Valve since Half Life 2: Episode 2, and the company’s first true VR title. However, that may not be enough for players who have been waiting years and years for Half-Life 3, only to get a game that’s not only not that, but also VR exclusive.

Half Life 2 Episode 2 came out in 2007, and since then we’ve had no word from Valve on either a Half-Life 3 or a Half Life 2: Episode 3. Considering that it’s been 12 years, and will likely get to 13 before Valve actually comes out, that we’re getting a new Half Life game is at least progress.

The leak that we learned of the Half-Life VR game from does bring up that the game will include a full physics engine and a physical player body, rather than having the player be a disembodied head and pair of hands. It also apparently looks very good, as it was developed on Valve’s Source 2 engine.

We won’t, however, have to wait very long to see when this game will come out. The leak also says that the official reveal and launch of the game will come at a near-simultaneous point, much like Fallout 4, which was announced only a few months before its release.

We don’t know what the announcement date or release date will be for this new Half-Life VR game, or even if it actually exists, but hopefully if it does exist then Valve will announce and release it fairly soon. Otherwise, we’ll just have to go back to waiting for Half-Life 3.