Will You Pay $5 For An Old Execution in Gears 5?

Executions appear to be becoming victims of microtransactions in Gears of War 5, at least according to a recent announcement on the game’s update news. At least one old execution in Gears 5, the Roundhouse Curbstomp, will be on sale for 500 Iron for this week, and this may only be the beginning of things.

Executions have always been a big part of the Gears of War series, ranging from the ever-faithful chainsaw bayonet death, to the the classic curbstomp, to any of the myriad other executions that first Epic Games, then The Coalition, could come up with.

While we don’t know just yet if other executions will be coming as part of weekly possible buys, considering how varied executions can get in this series, we shouldn’t doubt that they will be appearing some other time.

Any old execution in Gears 5 that originally came from one of the other games before it will likely be fair game for this sort of thing, but even though microtransactions are involved, at least it’s the good kind of microtransactions (for a given value of “good”) where the object is cosmetic, rather than pay-to-win.

Alongside the Roundhouse Curbstomp, a number of other items also came up for sale on the in-game store. These included a Gears of War 1 skin for Jack, and two separate weapon skins for the Snub Pistol, one being Rainbow Swirl and the other being Retro Wave.

Weekly resets in Gears of War 5 are every Tuesday at 10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, so if you’re playing the game and are interested in another old execution in Gears 5, you might want to keep an eye on the in-game store and see what other stuff The Coalition will be bringing to the game.

Thankfully no one is forcing anyone to buy items, so if you do choose to buy something, it’s entirely up to you.