Unknown Playstation 5 Game Spotted By Former Journalist

At least one unknown Playstation 5 game has been spotted by a former GameFan Magazine editor, according to a forum post on ResetEra that he made on the official Playstation 5 subreddit. Though he didn’t get the name of the game he saw, the editor was apparently very impressed with its graphics.

The editor in question, who goes by the name Kleegamefan on the ResetEra forums, described the game as looking very good, despite only being in the very early stages and only having 25 or 30 frames per second. Despite its polish, however, he didn’t believe it was a purposefully enhanced demo.

If anything, the game apparently reminded him of Killzone: Shadow Fall, one of the first games on the Playstation 4 that showed the benchmark for what could be done with the console due to its amazing graphics, which were first showcased at the Playstation 4’s announcement event.

The unknown Playstation 5 game was even, Kleegamefan said, far beyond what Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last Of Us 2 could deliver, especially in terms of lighting and shadows, with the shadows of trees and bushes being rendered in stunning detail.

Of course, even with the Playstation 5 running it, Kleegamefan also said that the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Scarlett were both essentially the same, having identical hardware. He believed that what separated the two consoles, and would prove decisive, would be exclusive games, user interfaces, and the services each console provides.

Microsoft’s push for the Xbox One to be a multimedia center in addition to a video game console cost it in the long run, with Playstation pulling ahead of it. But, with the unknown Playstation 5 game apparently also supposed to be multiplatform, there’s no telling if it’s a good benchmark for the next generation or not.

Both the Xbox Scarlett and the Playstation 5 are supposed to be coming out in 2020, so we’ve still got around a year to make our decisions on which of the two consoles is going to be the best.