Rockstar Games Scouting Florida for GTA 6?

Grand Theft Auto 6 might be choosing Florida once more like its main location. A new rumor, with information about Rockstar Games’ moves to research for the setting of GTA 6 is currently stirring up.

The source for the Grand Theft Auto 6 location being Florida comes from a letter, stating that Rockstar Games researchers are moving to the city, in order to photograph certain spots and tour around landmarks for their next video game. As we all know, the studio takes the location of their games seriously, taking it as close to reality as possible. Now that games like Spider-Man have pushed the bar even further, we expect GTA too to reach that level.

The letter in question is directed to a business/property owner, with an open invitation from Rockstar to visit and scout the place. According to it, 4 to 6 people will scout the area around and in the property for 1-2 hours.

The main focus is to deliver maximum realism to the interior and is even willing to pay for it. We don’t know what type of property this letter is about but, from the looks of it, it must be an important element of the city.

GTA 6 Location

This isn’t the first time though that Rockstar Games goes the extra mile for Grand Theft Auto. The studio has scouted New York City and Los Angeles for previous titles and, now Florida. This falls in place with rumors claiming the city to be the main location for Grand Theft Auto 6, taking the franchise back to Vice City.

As this is nothing more than a rumor, please take the news with a grain of salt. Much like Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 6 will receive a huge amount of leaks and rumors due to its popularity.

In related GTA 6 news, another leak is spreading concerning GTA 6 and its release date. The author of the leak reports that the next addition to the famous Take-Two franchise will be coming to consoles during the fall of 2020. Also, he mentioned areas, characters and gameplay details in his post. A few days later, he strikes back with the complete GTA 6 Soundtrack.

If everything we’ve heard about the game so far is true then we’re in for a huge treat by Rockstar Games. Whatever it might be though, we’re super excited to see how the studio intends to take the franchise even further, giving fans another decade of making a capital their own.