Possible Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Leaked

A recent leak on the official Horizon Zero Dawn subreddit has apparently just given us an idea of what the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel will be about, though since there’s been no hints from Guerrilla or anyone else until now, even the poster advises readers to take it with a heavy grain of salt.

While Horizon ended rather definitively, there’s still an entire post-apocalyptic world to explore in the aftermath of the game, though apparently Sony swore Guerrilla Games to silence in order to make it a PS5 launch title and exclusive game.

Development apparently started soon after the Horizon DLC “The Frozen Wilds”, and the game apparently focuses on a new tribe of humans called the Oshua, a technologically-advanced (1800s-level technology with added barebones computers, according to the leak) civilization led by an EA called the Silver One.

The Silver One intends to subjugate humanity, and it’s up to Aloy to rally a resistance to fight against the Oshua and their new and improved machines, made possible by a better engine and the PS5’s more powerful hardware.

The Horizon Zero Dawn sequel does sound interesting, but there’s always the possibility that this “leak” is a fake, especially since the poster that put it up on Reddit didn’t have a source for it, claiming that the original source was deleted.

While there’s a surprising amount of lore for someone to think up off the top of their heads, until we actually have some sort of information from Guerrilla Games about a sequel, we’ll have to take all of this information with a large amount of salt.

While a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel would be a great way for Playstation to launch the Playstation 5, especially with how well the original game sold, we’ll just have to wait until any of the various gaming events between now and the holiday of 2020 to see if the leak is actually true.