Grid 2019 Crashes, Splitscreen, Audio, Launch Issues and Fixes

Here are a few known errors in the community of the recent racing game Grid 2019. Most of these can be minor inconveniences while others are often game breaking. Here are the solutions we have on hand, however.

Frequent Game crashes on start-up as well as mid game: This has to do with the directx12 setup that the game initially boots on. My advice is for those using mid to slightly low end PC setups, just use the Directx11 launch instead. The switch fixes this issue in so many games including Grid 2019

The game not starting up properly. Black Screen etc
There are three identifiable causes to why this issue can potentially persist in Grid 2019. The first cause is to do with the user not having Windows 10. Grid 2019 doesn’t operate on an OS before that so you’ll need to update it. The second has to do with the game resolution not being displayable on your monitor. The counter to this is launching in windowed mode using the launcher and then finding the optimal resolution in your options. The third reason is a graphics card/driver issue and the easiest way to fix this one is simply updating your drivers.

The game crashing on alt-tab
Sometimes you need to bump out of the game window to take care of something really quickly. Grid 2019 isn’t very stable, however, and often crashes when you do so. Obviously the best advice is just not alt tabbing at all but if you still think you’ll need to, launching the game in a borderless windowed mode stretching across your screen is a viable option.

Game not properly displaying the leaderboard, sometimes crashing: This issue along with multiple other menu oriented glitches can’t be fixed from our ends unfortunately. That will actually need the developers themselves to update or patch the bugs out of the game.

Failing to find a match in multiplayer
This can be caused by either a lack of players currently playing online or the fact that you haven’t updated Grid 2019 to its latest version. Checking for updates is always a good option.

Splitscreen Missing in Grid 2019
Grid 2019 is confirmed to feature split screen yet you can’t find it anywhere in the game. This is because the split screen feature is planned for post launch content. This is either because the game was rushed out or because they plan to release it as DLC.

Audio muting during a multiplayer session
This has to do with the automatic prioritization switching that Grid 2019 has applied to its online communications settings. To fix this issue, follow these steps after finding your sound card options:

  • settings\sound
  • scroll down to Related Settings
  • Sound Control Panel
  • Select your sound output device\Properties\Advanced
  • Untick both options under exclusive mode
  • Apply/Ok restart windows

Game just refusing to launch after syncing
If the game doesn’t launch after the syncing message, this is due to how the game is coded. Like Rage 2, Grid 2019 is hard coded to run on true 4 core CPUs and anything above that, meaning you’re better off either refunding the game or upgrading your CPU.

Graphics card notifying a missing file: Something a lot of Nvidia users have come across as an issue. The fix to this is simple, however. Simply rechecking the files using the repair option in Steam will allow you to download exactly what’s missing, getting rid of that black screen.

Mouse cursor showing up: Honestly the easiest fix to this is just moving your mouse to the bottom underneath the monitor. The game needs some serious updates and fixes.

Texture flickering: The back of your car may sometimes have a faint but pretty annoying texture flicker to it. This is a bug in the game’s Anti-Aliasing setting and can be fixed by simply turning TAA off.