GTFO Teaser Trailer Released Ahead Of Gameplay

A GTFO teaser trailer has been released on YouTube after two years of silence from its developers, 10 Chambers Collective, ahead of 14 minutes of gameplay played by IGN. The game is supposed to come out sometime this year, though we don’t have an actual release date for the game just yet.

GTFO (which anyone familiar with chat-speak might recognize as an acronym for “Get The Fuck Out”), focuses around a quartet of players from a prison, being sent far below the surface of the earth into facilities overrun with horrific mutants to accomplish missions.

While players have a large number of guns and other tools at their disposal to make their mission a success, that still doesn’t mean that this is a shoot-em-up sort of game. Down in the depths of the Earth, you have to work together, or die together.

Considering that 10 Chambers Collective is made up of developers that had previously worked on the similarly team-based shooter Payday, it’s no surprise that guns, gadgets, and teamwork are all integral to the experience in GTFO. But how close is the game to actually being finished?

While there was a teaser for the game released back in 2017 in early June, and a gameplay preview was then released at the Game Awards, and more gameplay came out last year, this is the first news we’ve gotten from the game recently, and the end of 2019 is getting closer.

It’s no rare thing for a game to announce a delay if they wouldn’t be making their release date in time, the fact that 10 Chambers hasn’t even announced an official release date this year despite having a 2019 release window is odd.

Whenever GTFO will be coming out this year, or even if it doesn’t, you can follow this link here to see the trailer for the game, and look on IGN’s own YouTube page to see some of the advertised gameplay.