Final Fantasy VII Remake Is “The Perfect Entry Point”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is called to be one of the video games with the greatest media power than we have ever seen in this generation. 22 years of history weigh heavily on the minds of some players who want to return to this universe starring Cloud, but not everyone played it in their day. Both types of users are the objective of Square Enix with this release.

Neal Pabon, head of marketing at Square Enix, commented on a TIME artcle where they asked, what is the goal they have with this production, whose announcement dates back to June 2015, at the heart of Sony’s conference at E3.

Players can choose how to play. There are no impositions, as we saw recently with the classic turn mode in addition to the new Action RPG bet. It’s the perfect entry point for the Final Fantasy saga.

Thus, both those who come from Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy XIV; Even the revisions of previous installments in the form of remastering or with its availability in the digital stores, will find here a work that does not suppose an impediment to their enjoyment. The game is neither too tied to the traditional nor excessively adapted to the simplicity that a certain sector of the market demands.

The buyer will have the power to adapt the experience to their interests. Final Fantasy VII Remake is, by far, the most anticipated video game of the moment in Japan, a condition that has been maintaining for three years and that will continue until its launch in March 2020.

Square Enix does not know how many chapters Final Fantasy VII Remake will have, since the product we will receive on March 3, 2020 on PS4 will be only the first part. They ensure that it will feel like a complete game. Nothing has been said about a hypothetical version coming for the PlayStation 5.

Last month, Square Enix distributed a spectacular new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which premieres all the way in the Tokyo Game Show 2019 at the Japanese video game fair. In the video we can see a multitude of unpublished scenes, iconic sequences of the original 1997 hit game and exciting upcoming gameplay pieces.

Rumors about a Final Fantasy VII remake have been going on for quite a few years, and users hoped that at some point they would release it for PlayStation 3, especially after one of the console’s first demonstrations showed the character Cloud Strife.

Despite the requests of the players, the decision of Square Enix has been waiting for many years, but luckily for us, after many rumors, the big announcement was finally made at the E3 2015. The first trailer of the remake accumulated more than 10 million views on YouTube in just only two weeks, showing that the interest of the players was more than real.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive on March 3, 2020 on PlayStation 4.