Death Stranding Multiplayer is Optional According to Recent Listing

Not all gamers are the same. While we all do enjoy a good dose of online gaming, there are players that want to stay offline, enjoy games at their own pace. Death Stranding will cherish that need, giving its multiplayer segment an optional feature.

According to a recent Best Buy listing, the Death Stranding multiplayer feature will be completely optional. This means that if you don’t want player items and messages popping up into your world, you can completely disable it. This falls into line with the recent news that Kojima Productions’ upcoming title won’t require a PS Plus subscription in order to be played.

In reality, it would be a shame to play Death Stranding without its multiplayer. Hideo Kojima himself has pointed out countless times that its new “strand multiplayer” is a completely new genre of gaming. Everyone has to experience it at least once before going rogue. Needless to say that having some helping hand in a boss fight or when lost into the wilds is a huge advantage.

The fact that multiplayer can be shut down though, creates huge opportunities for challenges and speed runs. Players will have the opportunity to go nuts with both offline and online modes.

If we could compare the Death Stranding multiplayer functionality with something we’ve already seen we’d pick Dark Souls. People can leave messages for players to find in multiplayer, a feature that can too get disabled if you want some peace of mind.

Leaving the game’s multiplayer aside, the same listing reveals the file size for Death Stranding. You’ll need 55GB of storage in order to install the game on your Playstation 4. That is, if you wish to buy it digitally. If you ask us though, Death Stranding in physical is a must for your collection. Especially if it comes with a classy collector’s edition. Check out our pre-order guide if you need any assistance with that.

In related news, Kojima Productions has announced a marketing tour for their upcoming IP. The Death Stranding World Tour will begin on October 30 with a special event in Paris, France. The studio has already confirmed that it will also visit London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Taipei, and Seoul. The company has not detailed all its plans for the Death Stranding World Tour. However, we should wait for more details to arrive soon.

Death Stranding releases on November 8, 2019, exclusively for PlayStation 4.