Lucian’s Wife Senna Looks To Be The Next League Of Legends Champion

The champion roadmap for League of Legends will be updated fairly soon but until then, it’s all but confirmed that Senna is making her way into the Rift.

On the weekend, Riot Games released a new trailer that showed Lucian tracking down Thresh into the Shadow Isles. Thresh, as the League of Legends lore dictates, was the one who captured the soul of Senna and trapped it inside his cursed lantern. Lucian has been trying to free his wife ever since. He now looks to be finally ending a life-long journey, which teases a showdown between Lucian and Thresh that in turn might possibly free Senna from her eternal prison.

There have been other hints and leaks as well about Senna being the next League of Legends champion. For starters, the next champion is supposed to be female and Lucian has already received new lore that sets up the Shadow Isles as the “final leg of his journey” in putting his wife to rest. In addition, the League of Legends Facebook page recently shared a now deleted meme about Lucian and Senna. Also, an update to the Chinese servers mentioned Senna by name.

Riot Games plans to announce a new champion roadmap later in the week. The League of Legends developer is supposed to reveal three upcoming champions, of which Senna looks to be the likely first. Volibear and Fiddlesticks are up for their reworks as well, which Riot Games is also expected to share details about.

Riot Games would particularly be hoping for the new champions to take center stage as soon as possible. The company was blasted recently for trying to censor the mention of “Hong Kong” during the ongoing live streams of the League of Legends World Championship.

What happened earlier was that casters and analysts were correcting themselves while discussing the Hong Kong Attitude esports team. Instead of saying the complete name, they resorted to just the acronym HKA. Even a post-match interview of Hong Kong Attitude was delayed for a later time.

Riot Games clarified that there was no such censorship and the casters and analysts were just trying to tread carefully over a sensitive issue. The issue has since then been solved seeing how following matches refrained from resorting to any acronyms.