Goat Of Duty Call Of Duty Parody Announced

Goat Simulator is back with a vengeance, and this time it’s got Call of Duty in its sights as a parody. The game, one of the first parody “simulator” games to be released, mainly focuses on players causing chaos in a town with a goat. Goat of Duty, however, is different.

Since it’s a Call of Duty parody this time around, the goat version of the game has players taking on the role of goat soldiers trotting merrily into battle and being blown up in hilariously messy ways. It appears to be a more Unreal Tournament-esque game too, being multiplayer-only.

The trailer for the game shows that Goat of Duty is just as irreverent as the original game was, complete with deliberately dodgy physics and a large number of different weapons. You can even play dead, to trick other players and catch them by surprise.

Goat of Duty also has a number of different game modes in it, such as “Markhor Tag Mode”. The game, something like Halo’s Juggernaught mode, puts one player in the role of the Markhor (a relative of a goat known for its spiraling antlers) that other players have to kill, with the Markhor player getting more points the longer they survive.

The studio, 34BigThings, also released a road map for what they’ll be putting in the game after its release, which in addition to Markhor Tag Mode includes a new map, called Death Valley. More content will likely come after the game gets released.

Version 1.0 of Goat of Duty will be releasing on Steam on January 16 of 2020, so if you’re in the mood for one big parody of shooter multiplayer games, you’ll be able to download it when it comes out then. You can see the official trailer for the game by clicking this link.