Yasuyuki Oda Talks About Challenges With Samurai Shodown Switch And STADIA Ports

The idea of ​​taking a game to Switch shows differences according to each development team and recently Yasuyuki Oda talked about the challenge that Samurai Shodown has brought to Switch, although there was also time to talk about the Google STADIA.

During an interview with Twinfinite, Yasuyuki Oda, producer of Samurai Shodown talked about the difficulties they have faced in making the fighting game versions for Switch and STADIA a reality. As for the Nintendo hybrid console, the creative said that maintaining a display of 60 frames per second has been one of the most important challenges.

It was definitely hard. It’s very different hardware from everything else. We were already kind of pushing the limits even with PS4 with the stages and everything. A lot of work went into it but it was definitely a priority from the beginning because it’s a very competitive fighting game and frame rate is key. We made sure to take care and that the art style stayed intact but keeping the priority as much as possible on performance.

On the other hand, Oda referred to what happens with the Samurai Shodown version for STADIA, where a peculiar situation arises because the possible problems could only appear until the service starts operations. You will not normally see problems with a service before launch, but Oda is very confident that their title will succeed.

It’s always hard to say until something launches because that’s when all the issues come out, but from our side, we’re very confident in it. Now it hasn’t been released yet, so possible bandwidth issues aren’t going to crop up until launch, but we’re not worried about it honestly. We think that Google has a nice infrastructure and they’re really serious about it.

SNK prepares several surprises for Samurai Shodown players. The community is excited about the arrival of new fighters to the roster. If you’ve been on the lookout for news about the game, you will know that Basara is the next character to join the fighting. The company finally revealed a trailer focused on that fighter, which will be available this month as part of the Season Pass.

This character, also known as the Executor, will not hesitate to kill any enemy that faces him. As you can see below, Basara will keep his agile movements and fight with the help of his weapon with which he will carry out rapid and powerful attacks. Basara will join the roster of the game on October 15.

The Season Pass was free for all for a limited time. If you missed the opportunity to get it, keep in mind that you can currently purchase it in exchange for $19.99. Basara will also be sold separately at a price to be confirmed, but they estimate that it will cost the same as Rimururu, $5.99.

There are already 2 other DLC characters confirmed for this year. We refer to Kazuki Kazama and Wan-Fu, which will be available on the Season Pass in November and December, respectively. In the coming weeks, we will surely see trailers focused on them.

I remind you that Samurai Shodown is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.