New IO Interactive Game Will Feature AAA Multiplayer

IO Interactive, the development team behind Hitman, is working on a new multiplayer game. According to recent job listings on Linkedin, the studio expects candidates to have “AAA experience” since what they’re working on is “next-level”. Intrigued yet?

It looks like this new IO Interactive game is a huge mystery for everyone right now. However, seeing the studio back in action is a breath of fresh air. At the beginning of the year, IO expanded with a new office in Malmö, Sweden. This along with the fact that the last episode for Hitman 2 is released, means that the team can embark on a new journey. This is where this new multiplayer title comes in. The listings on the job portal state that potential new developers will work on the Glacier engine, the studio’s own in-house product. Their job will be to implement multiplayer functionality to the engine. This way, their next multiplayer title will have all the necessary tools available for development.

The official IO Interactive website states that this new game will be released with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. Also, it will ship for PC and consoles alike. The post about the partnership reads:

“IO Interactive has a proud history of creating compelling characters and universes for our players to enjoy—it’s in our DNA. As we embark on this exciting project to create a new universe for IOI together with Warner Bros., we’re currently looking for ambitious talent to join our team in our Copenhagen and Malmö studios for this extraordinary journey.”

A few months back,  journalist and narrator Danny O’Dwyer interviewed Hitman game developers at IO Interactive. During the interview, it became clear that the studio will be working on a new Hitman project but that won’t be the only one. Now we know that this new game will be an AAA multiplayer title. Possibly it can be a shooter if we take into account their portfolio:

“While much of the team is working on new Hitman content and looking ahead to a third Hitman game – one that ‘may once again go episodic’ – the majority of the studio, at least here in Copenhagen, is working on something secret, and rather excitingly, something new.”

As it seems, there’s a lot to be looking forward to from IO Interactive. After their parting with Square Enix a couple of years back, the studio has been able to grow and take their own spin on the Hitman franchise, building a universe around it that is worth investing in. Apart from that though, we can’t way to find out more about their new mysterious AAA multiplayer project.