Death Stranding Receives Higgs Variant, Features Exclusive Sleeve

Sony has provided an additional reason for you to consider getting a physical copy of Death Stranding instead of going digital on PlayStation 4.

There are now two standard editions to choose from. Joining the previously announced Sam Bridges variant is the Higgs variant, which comes with an exclusive sleeve that features the character with metallic and embossed detailing.

Despite categorized as a standard edition, it goes without saying that the Higgs variant can be taken as a collectible item for those interested in making their Death Stranding purchase memorable.

Unfortunately, the item looks to be exclusive to retailer giant Amazon in the United Kingdom. There’s no telling if other regions will be given a chance later on. That being said, it’s more likely that Sony will announce another variant exclusively for North America. There are still many characters to choose from such as Fragile, Mama, Deadman, Amelie, and Cliff, among others. Sony could give the other regions their own Death Stranding variants this way.

Should you be interested, go ahead and pre-order the Death Stranding Higgs variant. For pre-order bonuses, you’ll receive a gold armor plate, gold hat, gold speed skeleton, and gold sunglasses to use in-game. In addition, you’ll receive a PlayStation 4 dynamic theme and a chibi ludens avatar.

Higgs, played by Troy Baker, is an antagonistic character in Death Stranding. He’s also known as the “Man in the Golden Mask” and is closely affiliated with the militant separatist group known as the Homo Demens. Higgs has special abilities, such as being able to manifest a large, four-legged behemoth as well as controlling the weather to some degree.

Elsewhere, Mads Mikkelsen recently talked about Death Stranding and stated that games are coming close to what movies have been for years. However, he doesn’t think than one can destroy the other.

Remember that the review embargo will lift on November 1, 2019; which is a week before the official launch on PlayStation 4. ESRB has already given the game an M rating for blood, violence, nudity, and strong language.