Code Vein and God Eater are in The Same Universe?

Now that the knowledge about the Code Vein universe and its story has sinked in, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. Does it share the same universe with God Eater, Shift’s iconic JRPG franchise that stepped aside so that the new souls-like title can shine?

Fans that have enjoyed God Eater over the past decade can see some links between it and Code Vein. Clearly, it’s not just its art style, which is identical. They could possibly share the same universe.

In terms of where does each one fall, Code Vein could well be set after the end of the God Eater series, with some deviations to the main plot. Given the fact that both have somewhat similar monsters and bulky weapons, it won’t be far fetched to say that there’s a link there.

The minds behind the setting of Code Vein have revealed that the game is a standalone title, it does share some minor, yet interesting similarities with God Eater. During a cutscene before the

The first and most important detail is the Juzo Mido boss fight in Code Vein, one can clearly see a four-legged monster that shares the same facial details as Dyaus Pita (Heavenly Father), an iconic figure in God Eater Ressurection. Here’s the cutscene (skip to 6:50) and the picture of Dyaus below, for comparison.


If that’s not enough to convince you then we have more proof and it comes in the form of a collectible item in Code Vein. The Bugarally Doll. If you’re a fan of God Eater, you already know that Bugarally is a TV show, with which Kota is obsessed about. This is a direct link with the Code Vein universe, either as an homage or as proof that the two are set in the same world.

Last but not least, have you noticed how IO in Code Vein is incredibly similar looking to Shio in God Eater? They both share the same yellow eyes and white hair. What’s changing is their personality, which could be a change of attitude, if Code Vein is really set after the God Eater franchise.

Clearly, those details alone aren’t enough to put the Code Vein universe set in God Eater. However, seeing weapons shared between the games, characters sharing features and monster artstyle being the same can shed some light on the matter.

What do you think though? Do Code Vein and God Eater share the same universe? Do you see any more crossovers between the two? We’ll be looking more into the matter, although we doubt we’ll get further than that.