You Should Ask Sony If You Want a Bloodborne 2

Many Soulsborne fans think of the game Bloodborne as one of From Software’s best titles. With fast-paced and hectic combat, a truly mesmerizing universe of cosmic horrors and monsters, and a variety of trick weapons, Bloodborne has had fans clamoring for a sequel since release. Unfortunately, Bloodborne 2 is out of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s hands.

The news came from an interview from GameSpot Brazil with Miyazaki where the question of a Bloodborne sequel was brought up. Miyazaki only laughed and said that the decision wasn’t up to him, so it’s likely that it falls to Sony to eventually ask for a sequel to the game.

Bloodborne is a bit of a departure from the Souls formula that From cultivated over years, taking place in a new era of guns and trick weapons in a cramped and tangled city wracked by a blood-based plague, rather than a crumbling medieval society where a plague of undeath is rampant.

The interview with Miyazaki also came around to things he would change in Bloodborne if he could, which included adjusting the game’s Chalice Dungeons (procedurally-generated areas where players could fight more bosses and enemies in return for greater rewards) and Blood Gems (items players could use to upgrade their weapons)

While these adjustments, along with other things, could be put to use if a Bloodborne 2 ever did come out, Miyazaki’s response that a sequel isn’t up to him likely means that the final word lies with Sony. While Bloodborne is one of the best-regarded games on the Playstation 4, who knows if Sony would like to see another one.

Considering that From is currently working on Elden Ring after releasing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the company likely doesn’t have the time or resources to work on a Bloodborne 2, either. While it may happen at some point in the future, we should likely not get our hopes up for a new Bloodborne game for a long time to come.